I stopped exploring sheet masks for a long time now, unless I have a 2 weeks long meetings, being caged in the hotels from beginning to end.  Waking up at 6am everyday for 2 weeks!  Things will definitely take a toll on you, that’s when I first bought this mask, yunno, giving self a lil RnR while away on business trips.



Of all the sheet masks that I’ve tried, and with so many options out there online, chain stores and all, I truly think this one deserves the credit.  So much so this is the 4th one I’ve bought!  I mean, after I found out how good this mask is, I wanna try its other lines, but hah!  I’m the kind that enjoys meeting expectations.

About The Product

My Scheming is a brand from Taiwan, most prominent with their masks, which can be found in Watsons in Malaysia.  Over the whole shelf of masks in Watsons, this prices itself above RM10.00 bracket.

The product consists of Q10 with Royal Jelly as its main ingredients, with the promise of lifting.  Q10 is commonly associated with anti-aging effect for its antioxidant properties, and Royal Jelly is known for its energizing effect.

Product Features

This mask is slightly different from other common sheet masks as this offers a extra sheet for your neck!  Hence it’s “double lifting” title in the product title.  Not only that, this mask has “ear hooks”, featured on both the face and neck masks.  WIth this ear hooks, you no longer have to lie on your bed/couch like a corpse.  With the hooks on, at least you can get up to get yourself a glass of water or so, you can walk in and out of rooms.  Pretty neat stuff.  Well thoought out.  You sitll need to be in lying down mode most of the time, just that the ear hooks offers a little leverage for you to get up and down a little.  Answering calls?  Still a no no.




Personal Experience

face n neck mask on, u can't really see the neck mask in this pic.

face n neck mask on, u can’t really see the neck mask in this pic.


Side View :  See how the hooks hold up the masks thus increase your mobility instead of lying stuck on your bed/couch with your conventional masks.

Side View : See how the hooks hold up the masks thus increase your mobility instead of lying stuck on your bed/couch with your conventional masks.

Well, more like experience(s)!  Hah.  Let me tell you, I have ALWAYS disliked the feeling of things hanging on my neck.  The facial packages I signed up with my beautician, I voluntarily ditched the neck mask eventhough its included in the package.

But with this I thought it’d would be a waste of money if I discard the neck mask.

So I went with it,  I tried.  And I was BLOWN AWAY.


How did it blow my mind?  IT IS THE MOMENT THE SHEET MASK WAS REMOVED FROM MY FACE AFTER 30 MINUTES,  right upon removal, the finelines on my neck disappeared!  Can you imagine how amazing it is?!  It’s like that neck lines (although, they’re fine) just got ironed out.  It was no visible AT ALL.

So now tell me, how can I not be addicted to this specific product line out of other masks from My Scheming too?  Cause the results were dazzling!

The Results

after result

Q10 + Royal Jelly Double Lifting Mask by My Scheming Mask


I hope in this pic you can see the brightening effected, and my skin is supple, ever so delicately hydrated from the inside.  How about the after feel?  NO WAXY FEELING AT ALL.  NADA.  Upon removal of the sheet, your face feels so light, and it definitely brightens up!  The product left on your face are just pure light essence and with some light tapping it gets so easily absorbed into your skin.

Verdict :

I definitely will introduce this to everyone (except for severe acne prone skin).  This mask runs a good price with the quality it offers.  And friends, please go ahead and explore it’s other range too cause I’m so sure they would be as good!  While Q10 is proven a powerful antioxidant, but there are virtually not enough studies to scientifically prove that Q10 can indeed reverse skin aging – and hence the lift.  But I am head over heels for Royal Jelly, my complexion brightened up after I started using this night cream (salon brand) with Royal Jelly as main ingredient.  So basically, I’d grab anything that with Royal Jelly as main ingredient.

For the remnants of “mask juice” in the pack?  Use it all up!  Apply it all over your body!  Let that nutritions flow baby!

– Next to Try :  My Scheming Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Mask.

Oh on an unrelated note, this post is special… all the pics are taken with my new Samsung Note 2.  *Not Bad*


On The Topic : Softeners?

What Is A Softener?

Hey all, I’m not sure of your level of exposure when it comes to skincare compared to mine.  But this whole softener business, is new to me.  Herein, I would like to share with you what I’ve learnt and researched for the past few months.  (Yes, that’s how long it takes for me to decide on a product, research and google are your friends.)

What does it do?

Well, this we have to refer to the pioneers of softeners, which is (I guess), Shiseido.  Lets quote from the official website, and see what they explain :

In a layman’s term, in Shiseido’s claim, it boosts hydration level by 30%, and preps your skin for the next few level of skincare products, enhances and boosts the absorptions of every juicy highly nutritious serum/essence/moisturiser.

I have tried Shiseido’s softener (bout 3 days trial) but sadly, it broke my skin out with funny oil seeds n redness on my skin.  Whether or not rescued by BIotherm’s skincare series, luckily, they’re bout 85% gone now.

Have you ever tried Hado Labo’s hydration lotion?  The texture of Shiseido Hydration Softener is very similiar to that.

Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Softener

And what do you know?  Browsing through Mary Kay’s catelogue, and voila, I see this thing again, softener.  And FINALLY, it came in the mail couple of days ago.  Needless to say, eager as an untrained monkey, I couldn’t wait to mix this softner into all these new sampled regimes.

What are the claims to Mary Kay’s Softener?


Well, How Does It Work?

Okay, Sounds good.  What are the ingredients though?

Alright, I’m pretty convinced.  Who is it suitable for, though?

Alright, I’m sold.  So how do I use it?

This is my personal take on the usage.  Especially, most of us, are used to a toner.  In this aspect, we refer back to Shiseido’s guideline.

  1. Have your face thoroughly cleansed.  Leave no trace of dirt.
  2. Apply softener (instead of toner) right after.
  3. Proceed on with your serum/essence
  4. Apply your day moisturiser/night cream.
  5. Lastly, spritz/spray toner/ or pat toner in over your face.

Lastly, what’s the flipping difference?

Softener – It provides hydration, and in a way it softens, relaxes your skin, so your skin is open to the rest of the facial products.  Unlike a toner, it tightens your skin, hence the ability to absorb all the goodness of all the products you’ve invested, is minimized.

Toner – The very main purpose of toner, is to get rid of excess oil/dirt which your cleanser is unable to do.  While doing that, it also tightens pores, oil-controls, and freshens up your skin.  So it only makes sense to spritz toner (not swipe with cotton pad) after your skincare regime, to lock in and close up the pores.  and keep the nutritions prisoned.. heh heh heh.


Sounds confusing doesn’t it?  No worries, trust me on this and stick to this 5 steps regime and give yourself 2 weeks to 1 month.  You will see the difference.  I may not have used this product for too long but the academic part of me just had to examine all the ingredients, trials done.

So far that I’ve tried, it just feels like moistening cotton pad with mountain fresh water and I glide it across my face, only that I know this mountain fresh water in pink bottle is packed with all the goodies of nutritions.  No densed gel-water texture like Hado Labo or Shiseido softener.  It is just, swiss mountain water, no other words for it.

Packaging & Pricing

Bottle is HUGE.  RM90 – 147ml.  The researchers even break it down to how long the product will last!

Referring to the chart above, too bad the Ang Mohs don’t have a word for Kiasu.  LOL.

What’s the good news?


Top 5 commenters who leave a comment on this blog post would stand a chance to try out this awesome softener samples.  Comments should entail why you like this blog.  While at the same time, don’t stop sharing my page/blog with your beauty friends.  Because there are so much so much more goodies to come!

lookie that, ain’t it huge?

That is all, cheers girls.


Shiseido vs. ZA Liquid Foundation

(I’m about to lose my shit here, youtube’s giving me so much problems with uploading, set an ugly thumbnail to my video, after many times of resetting but youtube just doesn’t respond to the button “saved”.  I was also writing the comparison review and after some bad mistakes of wrong clicks, my post wasn’t even saved as draft.  It’s almost 5am and I got a teleconference at 10am.  My level of murderous tendency, go figure.)

So I’mma make it ninja-quick.

I had been wanting a liquid foundation for a long time as I found my shades have changed compared to last year.  I had a few brands in mind to try out, and even after I’ve decided on Shiseido, I still went on to different Shiseido counters to just make absolute sure I had the right shade.  (Bad experience with Lancome, another story another time.)  And one of the huge factor that pushed me to Shiseido was because I had first bought Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush.  Amazing, amazing brush.  It’s like you’ve bought a house and moved into the house, you won’t think of staying in another house, at least for a commoner.

This Ipad cover is serving really well as a background, heh.

Brush Head

But back to the reviews :

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation

  • Medium coverage to the dot.  Nothing more, Nothing less. Natural, light, yet covers all your flaws.  Redness is well covered, pores are concealed but in a natural way, not in a filler way.
  • After 5 hours it still did not feel heavy, or oily.  Which is amazing, most liquid foundations after 2 hours of oxidization, makes you wanna go home and scrub your face and apologize to your skin.
  • It has SPF 15.
  • Comes in 3 tones, Neutral, Ochre and Beige, so be careful with your pick, since the differences are so subtle.

ZA True White Plus Liquid Foundation

  • Coverage is definitely sheer-light.  Coverage is also beautiful.  And definitely lighter than Shiseido, ever so lightly.  Redness/pimples are covered but can be seen through.
  • Long lasting, what surprises me is the feeling of oxidized foundation only occurred after 6hrs or so into wearing it.  But the sensation was light, didn’t bother me any bit.
  • Bout 5-6hrs into wearing it, the coverage got less.  Pores were less concealed and the foundation followed its dents.
  • SPF 25, was it?
  • Vitamin C & E!  Woot!  What a tall order.

Swatches : Shiseido – left and ZA – right

Summary :

I like both.  Both are worth the money.  They are both my happy purchase.  I’ll probably wear Shiseido if I know my work day is gonna be under the sun a lot (you must have a real Sunscreen and not rely on the SPF on cosmetics) cause it’ll last a wee bit longer without irritation.  ZA liquid foundation, maybe when I know I’ll be in the office doing much more of paperwork.  So I just sit my bum down and let all the Vitamin C & E it claims to beautify my face while I shred papers and write emails.

Good night guys, I really need to flipping sleep.