Hello Beauties,

It’s about time that I bring you this post on THE BEST MASK!

Having missed the whole hype during its initial launch (many years ago), I only finally tried this Collagen Crystal Facial Mask sometime this year.  I was traveling when I bought this, after a customer commented on how old I’ve looked after a year.

And that incidence, it shone a light on the journey of masks, and emergency facial rescue.

This mask has truly stood out, in the pool of non-saloon masks.

So What Is A Collagen Crystal Facial Mask?

Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

If you’re not familiar with what a crystal mask is, it is unlike a sheet mask, it has a jelly/gel like texture.  Instead of drying up like a sheet mask, crystal mask melts its essence into your skin from your natural body heat.  This crystal mask, makes some hefty claims to its benefits, and  the best thing is, it does deliver.

How Collagen Crystal Mask looks upon application.

How Collagen Crystal Mask looks upon application.


After 30 minutes of application.

After 30 minutes of application.

You can see the mask has melted to your body heat, and your skin is moist and hydrated with the essence melted off the collagen crystal mask.

What Are The Benefits of A Collagen Crystal Facial Mask?

The back of the packaging lists down fine details of benefits, instructions and ingredients.

The back of the packaging lists down fine details of benefits, instructions and ingredients.

Based on the label, it claims to have effects on:

  • Whitening
  • Moisturising
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Oil-Control
  • Pore Reducing
  • Hydration

Ingredients Of A Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

This mask comes compact with some impressive ingredients.  Not a lot of preservatives like common sheet masks.  Here are the ingredients:

Aqua, Glycerin, Polyinyl Alcohol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Tartaricacid, Grape Seed Oil (vitis vinfera), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Tocophbryl Acetate (Vitamin E), BHT, Methylparaben, Fragaben, Fragrance, Phyto-Collagen, Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract, Plum Extract

So How Good is The Crystal Collagen Facial Mask Really???

You can use this mask for 30 minutes long, or some choose to leave this overnight, for not more than 12 hours.  Whilst I’m not too used to sleeping with masks on, yet because the mask is so nutritious, I leave it on for 1 hour.

After 1 hour of application, freshly removed.

After 1 hour of application, freshly removed.

Here is the result of collagen crystal facial mask after 1 hour, freshly removed.  You can obviously tell the skin is so much more brightened, supple, and so hydrated!  Even when compared to a good sheet mask, the effect of brightening this collagen crystal mask achieves is much more capturing.  And you know what’s the REAL KEY BENEFIT?  The effects, they last for at least another day or two!  With sheet masks, the effects don’t carry forward to the next day, but this does!

Just last night I did it and this morning I woke up to a fantastic fair and even face, brightened up, all my fatigues washed away.

Collagen Crystal Facial Mask is also suitable for all skin types!

I have let a couple of friends try it and all come back with news of superior results.  Because of it’s formula, your skin is able to breathe as it doesn’t have any waxy substance suffocating your faces and masking your pores, all it does is just juicy substance slowly absorbed by your skin, hence it’s suitable for any skin type, even for acne prone skin.  Unless you are specifically allergic to the ingredients listed.


This is literally my Holy Grail of masks.  When I’m late for my facial appointment, this suffices to delay my appointments for another week.  Also with this mask, my skin just glows the next day, I tend to skip any foundation and just let the natural glowing face be beautiful on it’s own.

I like it so much, not only I bought just 1 but all the variations for specific purposes!

Different Types of Collagen Crystal Facial Masks

Crystal Collagen Mask with Deep Sea Black Mud - for detox and acne prone skin

Crystal Collagen Mask with Deep Sea Black Mud – for detox and acne prone skin

Gold Bio Collagen Facial Mask - Gold is a strong anti-aging agent.

Gold Bio Collagen Facial Mask – Gold is a strong anti-aging agent.


Collagen Crystal Facial Mask - Most Hydrating of all.

Collagen Crystal Facial Mask – Most Hydrating of all.

If you would like to know more about this, feel free to drop a message.  Cheers, and keep your skin healthy y’all!



I stopped exploring sheet masks for a long time now, unless I have a 2 weeks long meetings, being caged in the hotels from beginning to end.  Waking up at 6am everyday for 2 weeks!  Things will definitely take a toll on you, that’s when I first bought this mask, yunno, giving self a lil RnR while away on business trips.



Of all the sheet masks that I’ve tried, and with so many options out there online, chain stores and all, I truly think this one deserves the credit.  So much so this is the 4th one I’ve bought!  I mean, after I found out how good this mask is, I wanna try its other lines, but hah!  I’m the kind that enjoys meeting expectations.

About The Product

My Scheming is a brand from Taiwan, most prominent with their masks, which can be found in Watsons in Malaysia.  Over the whole shelf of masks in Watsons, this prices itself above RM10.00 bracket.

The product consists of Q10 with Royal Jelly as its main ingredients, with the promise of lifting.  Q10 is commonly associated with anti-aging effect for its antioxidant properties, and Royal Jelly is known for its energizing effect.

Product Features

This mask is slightly different from other common sheet masks as this offers a extra sheet for your neck!  Hence it’s “double lifting” title in the product title.  Not only that, this mask has “ear hooks”, featured on both the face and neck masks.  WIth this ear hooks, you no longer have to lie on your bed/couch like a corpse.  With the hooks on, at least you can get up to get yourself a glass of water or so, you can walk in and out of rooms.  Pretty neat stuff.  Well thoought out.  You sitll need to be in lying down mode most of the time, just that the ear hooks offers a little leverage for you to get up and down a little.  Answering calls?  Still a no no.




Personal Experience

face n neck mask on, u can't really see the neck mask in this pic.

face n neck mask on, u can’t really see the neck mask in this pic.


Side View :  See how the hooks hold up the masks thus increase your mobility instead of lying stuck on your bed/couch with your conventional masks.

Side View : See how the hooks hold up the masks thus increase your mobility instead of lying stuck on your bed/couch with your conventional masks.

Well, more like experience(s)!  Hah.  Let me tell you, I have ALWAYS disliked the feeling of things hanging on my neck.  The facial packages I signed up with my beautician, I voluntarily ditched the neck mask eventhough its included in the package.

But with this I thought it’d would be a waste of money if I discard the neck mask.

So I went with it,  I tried.  And I was BLOWN AWAY.


How did it blow my mind?  IT IS THE MOMENT THE SHEET MASK WAS REMOVED FROM MY FACE AFTER 30 MINUTES,  right upon removal, the finelines on my neck disappeared!  Can you imagine how amazing it is?!  It’s like that neck lines (although, they’re fine) just got ironed out.  It was no visible AT ALL.

So now tell me, how can I not be addicted to this specific product line out of other masks from My Scheming too?  Cause the results were dazzling!

The Results

after result

Q10 + Royal Jelly Double Lifting Mask by My Scheming Mask


I hope in this pic you can see the brightening effected, and my skin is supple, ever so delicately hydrated from the inside.  How about the after feel?  NO WAXY FEELING AT ALL.  NADA.  Upon removal of the sheet, your face feels so light, and it definitely brightens up!  The product left on your face are just pure light essence and with some light tapping it gets so easily absorbed into your skin.

Verdict :

I definitely will introduce this to everyone (except for severe acne prone skin).  This mask runs a good price with the quality it offers.  And friends, please go ahead and explore it’s other range too cause I’m so sure they would be as good!  While Q10 is proven a powerful antioxidant, but there are virtually not enough studies to scientifically prove that Q10 can indeed reverse skin aging – and hence the lift.  But I am head over heels for Royal Jelly, my complexion brightened up after I started using this night cream (salon brand) with Royal Jelly as main ingredient.  So basically, I’d grab anything that with Royal Jelly as main ingredient.

For the remnants of “mask juice” in the pack?  Use it all up!  Apply it all over your body!  Let that nutritions flow baby!

– Next to Try :  My Scheming Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Mask.

Oh on an unrelated note, this post is special… all the pics are taken with my new Samsung Note 2.  *Not Bad*

BAD MASK! – Skinfood Bordeaux Mask Sheet

This mask really sucks!

Alright, usually I maintain my demure attitude when it comes to products that I don’t favor too much.  But if you are gonna spoil my face, uh-uh, sorry pal, you’re gonna get a piece of me.

you majorly suck.

First off, when you walk into Skinfood shops, you will see there are many range of sheet masks at different range at different price.  You get some beyond RM10 – RM14++, and you get some that’s <RM10.00.  I presume that should be the no. 1 tell tale signs of product quality, but it’s a tight month and I’m trying my best to control my shopping binge, I opted for the cheaper one, which is this, Skinfood Bordeaux Mask Sheet – RM8.60.

Plus, I’ve seen some supplements with Bordeaux at some pharmacies before, I thought, alright, lets see if red wine is really good for the face.

Well upon opening the pack, the realization came subtly at why I had never been a fan of Skinfood masks, a familiar stranger at that.  And when I put it on my face, the cut-outs for the eyes, nose and lips are so out of proportion I was thinking “wtf, what kinda face do koreans have?”

Nonetheless I found my ways and put it on my face, I set the timer to exactly 30 minutes.  Usual sheet masks require average 20-30mins, well, I wanted to get the most out of it.  It was pretty stingy at first but I thought that was the alcohol (yunno, red wine), but 15min into it I didn’t feel it anymore.

Then came the time for removal, OMG, YUCKS!  It’s so freaking sticky!  The whole face feels like it’s been layered with wax.  I’m sure if i dip my face in hot water the wax would separate and float on the water like when you cook maggie mee.  Both my hands are just wax wax wax.  I kept patting or pressing in gently on my face to get it all absorbed, again and again.  It didn’t lighten up one bit!  And both my hands are still so waxy!  I did that until my hands are warmed up hopefully that would help the absorption but a good 5 min of that exercise didn’t help at all!

I gave up and proceed to apply my serum, and when I was about to apply my night cream and I thought to myself, “sheesh, forget it, like anything’s gonna get absorbed after that layer of fucking kitchen wrap over my face”

And guess what, this morning, I woke up to a shitty face.  Really shitty.  I’ve been on a good run with my face recently and this is by far the worst look I’ve had.  Skin just looks odd, uneven, bumpy, just real shitty, like I never took care of my face, or I’ve been smoking and drinking 7 nights in a row.

Ugh, too bad I have a pretty lousy camera, else I’d show you the morning after results!  There was nothing wrong with my makeup application cause they are just as per usual.  But the makeup appeared so uneven, the flaws stood out more than before, it’s like a freaking bad hair day on the face!

I don’t know about you, you are so welcome to give it a try and tell me otherwise.  But for now, my advice is, you buy it, you burn it.