Author’s Profile : I am the control group

* Now that I’ve revisited my blog, there are crazy amount of changes to be made.  First thing first, my face is now profiled as pretty Normal but Dehydrated!  It could have been due to age, but come Dec-13 my face has been dry and dehydrated, oily skin is a rare occasion.  Pore clogging is also ten times less severe than it was, because I’ve found the right skincare routine!


Face cleansed, prepped with Softener, Oil Control Serum, Hydrating Essence, and light textured Royal Jelly night cream.

Left of face shown

Right side of Face

Age : Born 1984.

Skin Tone : Yellow Toned, Fair-Medium, Neutral-Warm

Eyes : Medium Brown

Skin Type : Dehydrated Normal-Dry Skin, Occasionally Oily

Top 3 Problems : Visible Pores across cheeks and forehead/ deep set Eye bags and Dark circles/ Fine Lines despite an oily face.

Hair : Black, OILY.

Skin (Body) : Extremely, chronic dry skin, atopic dermatitis and mild eczema.  Hyper allergic to grass/dust/insect bites/seafood etc.

Life Style : Constant exposure under the sun, and I don’t sleep at night.

Habit (1) : I wash my hands. I, really WASH my hands.  I wash my hands before I wash my face.  I wash my hands before I shower.  I wash my hands after washing dishes.  I wash my hands for over 30 seconds with all procedures followed, repeated and repeated, definitely more than 30 seconds.  I bring my own liquid soap in my bag.  Sometimes when I wash my hands in a rush, I would wash my hands a 2nd time just to make it up.  HYGIENE, HYGIENE, HYGIENE.  Before or after most things I do.  

Habit (2) : I clean my brushes for fun, to kill time, regardless of hours.  HYGIENE HYGIENE HYGIENE.

Habit (3) : I sterilize my metal tools.  Either I’ll physically wash them with soap then sterilize them with alcohol.  HYGIENE HYGIENE HYGIENE.

So rest assured, everyone of my demo, is guaranteed with absolute hygiene that would make your mother proud.

Edit : Addiction : Mascara Mascara Mascara, if mascara addiction is an illness, don’t flipping cure it.

A Little Background

Despite what you see here, my skin conditions have improved by 250 milestones over the past 5-6 years.  Despite the obvious signs of aging, other aspects have actually significantly improved.  I had grown up with extremely dull skin, non-controlled oil secretion and hence extremely dilated pores like a pauper indian kid lacking medical care. (bad analogy, I’m sorry)

Its the constant education received by nagging friends how I should properly adopt a skincare system, and not just use a 5 ringgit facial cleanser and call it a job done.  And through these years of hit and miss, with constant delicate care from my beautician, my skin has finally improved to be the best it can be.  Especially these few months, I hardly even have to blot once a day, unless I tried a different product.  No acnes, white/black heads can only be found on the nose and a lil bit on the forehead, little bit of oil seeds every few months.  That’s about it.

From a really strict regime of oil control oil control and oil control from my beautician, now my skin has improved so much I can afford to use products for hydration.

TL:DR – My point is, adopt a really good skincare regime, don’t be stingy with the effort, and be crazy disciplined about it, you can be beautiful, and at the best you can be. 

What’s this about, man?

Well, I am the control group.  Here I’ve listed the profile, anatomy if you will, of my skin conditions.  So in any case, you can expect the results of the products on my skin, to yours, if you have similar skin profile.  Or, if you have dry skin, what I avoid, it might just be your miracle cure.  This makes comparison way easier.

Here are some evidences to show you my skin conditions, which, thanks to counter ladies constant reminders, as if I just learnt how to spell SKINCARE yesterday.

Very bad dark circles, clinically swollen eye bags, fine lines and pores.

Pores are actually unclogged, it’s just I’ve been having big pores since I was 16 and they are now scars on my face. Some products can shrink and diminish the pores size, but holes are deep set and cannot be undone, unless surgically. Or Santa can knit me a new face.


  1. Re: Atopiclair
    I have used Atopiclair cream for my eczema, but would like the Atopiclair lotion for more general use. I cannot find it here in the U.S.

    1. Hello,

      There are many options available other than Atopiclair. You may try Australian organic skincare MooGoo – Eczema and Psoriasis Balm, or for chronic dry skin, you can try Physiogel which works fantastic for me. Cetaphil Cream is also another great option. These has helped me and improved my skin condition over the years but of course, I still take extreme care as flare-ups still occur every once in a while.

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