Swatch : Lunasol Cosmetics – Selfies!


What I Did (in sequence) :

1) Lunasol Water Makeup Base – a spreadable light beige base which you need only a little. this one lightens up your skintone. Its light, spreadable and waterbase so its suitable for oily skin too. But its not my go-to base. I always prefer a clear silicone primer e.g Givenchy, Lancome primers.

2) Lunasol Water Gel Foundation in 002 – I cant help myself so very impressed by the foundation. It is nothing I have tried before. I am starting to see how this is gaining prominence popularity amongst makeup artists. As this is a water gel formula, its meant for combi/oily skin. The end result is a beautiful translucent, dewy finish and no kidding, you are capable of the Lunasol model looks with these products. I have had so many foundations but this really rules over others because theres not a slight hint of color paste! No matter how sheer other foundations go, they make your skin alright, this beautifies your skin. Your whole makeup just gets so gorgeous. I’m no scientist in foundation formula, but the tone is nicely yellow and pink at the same time, which brightens up the undertone yet looking natural. To a big extent, I am very ready to ditch Bobbi Brown (being such a Bobbi nerd) and go for this one.

3) Lunasol Coloring Cheeks Light Coral 02 – Pigments r strong so be careful. Load up the products nicely but also dust off generously, take off first staining of pigment on the back of your hand. Then pat on your cheeks. Smile and find the apple of the cheeks, and apply on the TOP of the apple of the cheeks. That way you bring up the cheek bones and when you are smiling, people notice the bum of your cheeks rather than judging how oddly shaped your face is.

4) Lunasol Full Glamour Lips in Beige Pink 16 – Very neutral beige. If you have lip gloss, adding a dash of it will be very nice. This lip color is best used as a base to bring out a more vibrant lip color for a POP effect. Thanks s is my first neutral lips but so far this goes well with my coral cheek color. May not be suitable for everyone cause it may come out pale and lifeless if wrong.

5) Empro Triangular Brow Pencil – check out my previous post on this.

6) Bodyshop Shimmer Waves in Bronze – Scupltes my cheeks from hairline to centre of cheeks. As you have a POP cheek color on top of your cheeks, now you can use the bronzer and carefully craft a line on the bottom of cheeks to the hairline.  Then blend the mushroom out of it so its seamless to your previous blush colour.  Read more bout the exact techniques in my previous post.

Am on my phone now will put the links in later. Btw, i am heaviky feeling like flesh off a walker, skin has been so so dry like I’ve been emitted in radiation. Almost officially I am no longer a combi/oily skin.


Shopping Snag!


First ever Lunasol products, finally! Been wanting a peach/coral blush and this one is gorgeous after trying out various coral blush from different brands. *high from extreme happiness*


Full Glamour Lips Beige Pink 16 Swatch

Good Mask! My Scheming Masks 我的心机面膜

Here I am out of town again.  Without much entertainment, (actually, home or away) I frequently end up purchasing items that are not of immediate urgency.  Decided to pack light this trip, I brought along the travel trio pack of Biotherm Aquasource (This will be blogged about REAL SOON I promise), seriously forgotten about any serum/essence for the extra oomph.

Well, having not much to do my friend and I stepped into Watsons (again), and I bought myself 2 more masks from My Scheming!

1 I brought from home, 2 I just bought.

1 I brought from home, 2 I just bought.

They are each :

– My Scheming Pearl Whitening Mask (I’m getting curious about the effects of pearls, a lot of big cosmetic brands are listing or making it a key ingredient.)

– My Scheming Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask (This is more of what I like, logical, proven, and down to earth, no funky ingredients or sources that make u go, “eh?”)

– My Scheming Hyaluronan Acid + Sponge Cucumber Extract + Hydrating Silk Mask (Eh?)

So out of ’em three, I choose you, Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask.

For those who are more organic-conscious consumers, please note that  propylene glycol is the 2nd main ingredient.  I just noticed that.

For those who are more organic-conscious consumers, please note that propylene glycol is the 2nd main ingredient. I just noticed that.

Unlike the previous mask from My Scheming I posted, this has a different sheet.  It’s closer to a gel mask yet undoubtedly sheet (wait does it make sense?)  It kisses your skin perfectly, without lumps and bumps.

Can you see the oh-so-smoothness just sticks and kisses my face? Loving it!

Can you see the oh-so-smoothness just sticks and kisses my face? Loving it!

I put this on for 30 minutes, as usual.  One thing you might like to consider is the air-conditioner, as it dries up the mask faster than it should.  Better to have all the juicy essence be absorbed to your skin than let that stupid air-con to dry up your mask.

How did the result do?

The result was as expected, skin is brightened up.  Hydrated, from the inside.  It’s strange, somehow you can just see that the hydration comes from the inside.  Pretty cool isn’t it?

This is the result after 30 minutes of mask application.

This is the result after 30 minutes of mask application.

It doesn’t leave a layer of wax or melted kitchen wrap on your face like the previous Skinfood mask.You tap the remaining essence into your skin lightlly, and apply the remaining essence in the wrapper on your necks, collars, decollete if you will!


Beautiful.  Never falls below expectation.  As usual it delivers the 3 promises of Moisturization, Hydration and Brightening Effect.

So ladies, please head on down to Watsons and hoard up on those My Scheming Masks like they are the most nutritious can food for you to survive an apocalypse cause it’s going on Sales!  2 Masks for RM10.35 on the dot.

Man, year end sales is fun.

Biotherm Purefect Skin and Skin Ergetic Series

Sometimes, I just hate it when the counter girls are right.

“Lady, you don’t sleep much, do you?”

No, I don’t, thank you for asking.

I’m fresh as a bird if I can get 4 hrs sleep, with a cuppa coffee in the morning… “sleep?  What’s that?”

But not the face.  It shows, it betrays my purported “I’m awake!  I’m awake!  I can do maths!” facade.

Well, either your sleeping habit follows a timezone on the other side of the world, or, you’re a successful but burnt out corporate rat (may you be successful in all your endeavors), the counter girl was right to let me try this series of Biotherm meant for LETHARGIC and FATIGUE skin (yes, those words are on the adverts).

Whole bundle of Biotherm Purefect Skin sachets were handed to me, “There, take it, use it… you need it,” she said.

Now if you’ve read item 2, on The Purposes We Serve, I particularly distrust cosmetic claims for the solutions to oily skin.  But feeling pretty badass and riding on the whole YOLO wave, (and plus, it’s really a whole lot of samples!) I went ahead and by now, I’ve tried it for 3 days, hence I’m confident enough to do a review now.  Why 3 days?  Cause my face is like a urine test strip, suitable or not, my skin reacts to allergies in 3 days, whatever product it is.  When I upgrade my derma’s OS, there may be a meter to your kidney’s function.  Okay, lame joke.

I was given Purefect Skin Series specifically targeted for combination/oily skin :

1) Purefect Skin Cleanser – It’s gel texture and it’s colourless.  Now, that is hyper-reassuring.  Remember, Sensitive/Oily face, stay away from any form of cleanser no matter what the claims to be, use only GEL FORMULA.  Sorry I haven’t got a picture taken.  But you can find the official information here.  RM95.00

2) Purefect Skin Toner – This toner reminds me of why I don’t use a toner.  I haven’t used a toner for 3 years.  Upon application it’s a strong whiff of alcohol.  I then read the ingredients and alcohol is listed as the 2nd ingredient after Aqua.  It disperses fairly quickly.  I guess that’s one of the downside of Oil-Control products, alcohol always seems to be a preferred ingredient.  No discomfort or tight tingling sensation after application though.  RM98.00

3) Skin Ergetic Concentrate Serum – This serum serves to combat fatigue, and claims to visibly reduce the appearance of tired looking skin.  And it’s whole lot of natural essence packed in 1 serum.  Read official site for more info.  As for me?  Gel form? No problemo.  RM195.00

serum in gel texture

4) Pureskin Hydrating Gel : I like this.  In fact I like the whole series.  I was told to use this as a day moisturiser.  Gel form, no greasy after feel.  Makeup application goes on fine after.  It’s a nice gel, and it’s a nice hydrating gel.  Read Here.  RM135.00

Light textured gel form, non-greasy but hydrating.

5) Aquasource Nuit High Density Hydrating Jelly for Night – OH I love this one!  It is really Jelly!  Like Gel-Jelly!  With cute translucent light blue-ish colour.  It gets absorbed quickly into the skin but leaves your skin really smooth.  Because of it’s high hydrating power, it’s used as a night cream and… suitable to all skin types.  That I can testify to.  This morning, I wished it was winter here so I could use it day and night.  It’s that nice.  Read Here.  RM180.00

Gel-Jelly texture

6) Skin Ergetic Eye Cream : It’s their latest launch if I’m not mistaken.  Anti Fatigue, packed with all the super power-charging nutritions and extracts.  Creamy texture, but gets absorbed quickly.  Patting my eyes half way in my OCD fashion and wham! it’s all absorbed and dried.  Read Here  RM160.00

Yellow Creamy Texture

Summary :

It’s passed my 3 days test.  While trying out this product I was suffering from funny breakouts as I had a trial of 3 days samples from Shiseido.  Biotherm did not add on to the funny allergic reactions, and the allergies went away pretty quickly.  Overall, it is a good line for combo/oily skin.  Specifically Skin Ergetic that targets really tired, really aged out face of mine.  I would recommend this to people who NEED this, cause the price is pretty steep.  But if you’ve tried all moderate range of products and they don’t seem to be working, this could be a good investment.

The cheapest financial option is to ignore all the skin problems, but requires the most expensive mental effort.