BAD MASK! – Skinfood Bordeaux Mask Sheet

This mask really sucks!

Alright, usually I maintain my demure attitude when it comes to products that I don’t favor too much.  But if you are gonna spoil my face, uh-uh, sorry pal, you’re gonna get a piece of me.

you majorly suck.

First off, when you walk into Skinfood shops, you will see there are many range of sheet masks at different range at different price.  You get some beyond RM10 – RM14++, and you get some that’s <RM10.00.  I presume that should be the no. 1 tell tale signs of product quality, but it’s a tight month and I’m trying my best to control my shopping binge, I opted for the cheaper one, which is this, Skinfood Bordeaux Mask Sheet – RM8.60.

Plus, I’ve seen some supplements with Bordeaux at some pharmacies before, I thought, alright, lets see if red wine is really good for the face.

Well upon opening the pack, the realization came subtly at why I had never been a fan of Skinfood masks, a familiar stranger at that.  And when I put it on my face, the cut-outs for the eyes, nose and lips are so out of proportion I was thinking “wtf, what kinda face do koreans have?”

Nonetheless I found my ways and put it on my face, I set the timer to exactly 30 minutes.  Usual sheet masks require average 20-30mins, well, I wanted to get the most out of it.  It was pretty stingy at first but I thought that was the alcohol (yunno, red wine), but 15min into it I didn’t feel it anymore.

Then came the time for removal, OMG, YUCKS!  It’s so freaking sticky!  The whole face feels like it’s been layered with wax.  I’m sure if i dip my face in hot water the wax would separate and float on the water like when you cook maggie mee.  Both my hands are just wax wax wax.  I kept patting or pressing in gently on my face to get it all absorbed, again and again.  It didn’t lighten up one bit!  And both my hands are still so waxy!  I did that until my hands are warmed up hopefully that would help the absorption but a good 5 min of that exercise didn’t help at all!

I gave up and proceed to apply my serum, and when I was about to apply my night cream and I thought to myself, “sheesh, forget it, like anything’s gonna get absorbed after that layer of fucking kitchen wrap over my face”

And guess what, this morning, I woke up to a shitty face.  Really shitty.  I’ve been on a good run with my face recently and this is by far the worst look I’ve had.  Skin just looks odd, uneven, bumpy, just real shitty, like I never took care of my face, or I’ve been smoking and drinking 7 nights in a row.

Ugh, too bad I have a pretty lousy camera, else I’d show you the morning after results!  There was nothing wrong with my makeup application cause they are just as per usual.  But the makeup appeared so uneven, the flaws stood out more than before, it’s like a freaking bad hair day on the face!

I don’t know about you, you are so welcome to give it a try and tell me otherwise.  But for now, my advice is, you buy it, you burn it.