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Review : Biotherm WHITE D-TOX BB Cream

Finally, the quest for the ultimate BB cream is over, time to kiss goodbye.  This quest has required patience, many misses (wastage), precious money spent, and man, am I glad to declare it over.  “We are bringing our boys home,” says The President.

It took me 2 months of waiting to get my hands on this BB Cream, while there are Biotherm counters everywhere, but I had tried, and convinced of this BB Cream at a specific counter in one of my outstation travels.  The fact I have been in sales all my life, it’s a matter of principle that I reward the purchase to the one that convinced me.

These principles would soon be the death of me one day, sigh.


What draws me to this BB Cream is its oil-free formula.  As most BB creams can definitely punch in day long hydration, sun protection and skin tone evenness, it’s hard to see a BB cream claims itself to be OIL-FREE.  This BB Cream’s priced at RM140 for a mere 30ml, price is a lil steep I’d say.  Consider the fact that my work requires outdoor fieldwork and that I’d doubt if this RM140 would last over a month.


The Experience

I had taken an instant liking to this BB cream immediately and reaffirmed after purchasing it.  Why?  The oil control is amazing and unbelievable!  From 9am until 10pm I didn’t have shine on my face, I didn’t have the need the blot, I didn’t feel oily on my face, all under the challenges of hot humid weather.  I never had a foundation/face base that ever offers such excellent oil-control.  I did powder over it with my Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder but I find this loose powder’s oil-control ability a crying shame so I give the BB cream the full credit to my total shine-free face.  I’m sure oily-skin folks know what I’m talking about when throughout mid day you wipe your face with fingers/hands, in the effort of physically removing the layer of oil on the surface of your face.



There is a special technique required to apply this BB cream from Biotherm in order to achieve the most natural effect.  As I was taught, you are to pat the BB cream gently across the face.  I’ve yet to fully master this technique.  With given time… with given time.



The only problem I have is it’s too fair for my skin.  After careful examination, I find it carries pink undertone.  I experimented with different amounts and resulted the same.  It is glaringly obvious my face is a solid shade fairer than my neck, and I am usually light shade.  I mean, being the cheapskate that I am, this BB cream is just far too precious and expensive for me to liberally apply over my neck.  So yeah, how does a cheapskate do it?  I use my ZA True White Liquid Foundation on my neck.  Hah!  My secret joy of finding a discount!


The Verdict

  • Extremely good oil-control
  • Pink undertone, may not suit all skin tone despite your shades.
  • Pricey for only 30ml content.

The Conclusion

This seems to be the conclusion I have for every episode of my reviews.  if you don’t have oily-skin issue, you don’t have to resort to this unless you take a fancy in the shade.  The world of skincare seems tipped on the side of dry skin people.  If you have dry skin, many drug store brands offer fantastic and natural coverage whilst delivering moisture to your skin, e.g. Freshel BB Cream, Kate BB Gel Cream, and what not.  World is doing you a favour, dry skin peeps.


Dry Skin – To The Rescue! (Part 1) Mattifying Oil-Control Deep Pore Mask with OxygEnergy by Aviance.

I find myself really blessed to have friends who care!  I thought I was just whining away online about my chronic yet sudden acute dry skin, I didn’t mean to bother anybody.  But guess what?  I’ve been receiving care packages from friends 1 by 1!

Just this morning, dearest Lynn made her delivery boy 😛 send me something to salvage my skin problems.

First thing first, what happens when you’re on the road for 3 weeks straight?  Goodness, you need a thorough cleansing!  I’ve always had a jar of algae purifying mask stored in the fridge, which I use regularly for no less than 2-4 times a week, provided I’m not holed up in another hotel.

So I was given this sampler mask today, Mattifying Oil-Control Deep Pore Mask with OxygEnergy by Aviance.

Aviance Mattifying Oil-Control Deep Pore Mask with OxygEnergy

Aviance Mattifying Oil-Control Deep Pore Mask with OxygEnergy – 40g / RM115.00

How Does Aviance Mattifying Oil-Control Deep Pore Mask Work?

According to the catalogue:

“This delightfully refreshing, cleansing mask helps intensively remove impurities to reveal a clarified, shine-free and radiant complexion.  It has been formulated with purifying natural clay together with exclusive OxygEnergy which helps re-mineralize and revitalize the skin during use.  It leaves the skin naturally clarified, matte and absolutely revitalized.”

The Experience

Well, this might have been my mistake as I didn’t expect today to be a sunny day so the product was left my in car at its sunniest hours.  I’m not sure if that affected it.  Nonetheless the product is of a very thick texture, definitely not easy to spread.  But that also makes the fact that a very thin layer would suffice.

Aviance Mattifying Oil-Control Deep Pore Mask with OxygEnergy

The mask comes in the colour of cool mud green.

Doesn’t that remind you of wasabi?

The Mask comes with a practically sized spatula for hygiene purpose.

The Mask comes with a practically sized spatula for hygiene purpose.

As you can see, the products are beautifully packaged, another range of products that’s well thought out.

Although it appears to be the colour of “cool mud green”, upon application it is transparent entirely.  And with a thin layer applied, it would soon begin to harden and tighten.  Within minutes it would be so tight that breathing through the mouth isn’t a comfortable option, I am so down with the flu.  When I got up and looked at myself in the mirror I was literally SHOCKED.  Cause at that moment with the mask on, I had such a porcelain face, glossy and air brushed, the mannequin look.  I kinda wish I could wear this look all day, I could give up talking and just nod if I had to.  The tightening sensation was not bizarre to me as this type of mask is fairly common at salons.  I would even park this on the range of salon quality!

I set the timer to 20 minutes and I rinsed it off with water.  When mixed with water, it emulsifies.  I went back and checked myself in the mirror again, my face was RADIANT.  I kid you not, albeit it was a bit dry on the skin surface.  So I guess in that regards, it somewhat achieved the claim of “mattifying”.  But by goodness!  The radiance!

My friend, Lynn who owns this product says what’s most significant for her is the shrinkage of her pores, and if the wicked pimples suddenly bestow upon her flawless face, this would be the mask to her rescue.  The mask would dry up the blemishes whilst reducing the redness too.


The price is definitely on a higher end but given that it is a jar of 40g of merry goodness and each time you only need a thin layer, I would say it’s pretty worth the deal.  The most important thing is after you purchase it, you must use it regularly, especially useful when you come back from work and this mask with it’s specially trademarked technology OxygEnergy, it just helps your skin to breathe a little.

A Little Background on AVIANCE

I truly, truly love this brand.  So far the products I’ve purchased have never disappointed moi.  I am so head over heels for their Resilient Complex Ultimate Smoothing Double Caviar Eye Cream.  I’ll save this review for another day.  Anyway, have you heard of Unilever?  If not, you should have, because it’s ALL AROUND YOU!  Cause Unilever has been the motherfluffing boss of your everyday needs!  Brands like Rexona, Dove, Sunsilk, Breeze the detergent, to Lady’s Choice, Lipton, it’s all under the epic umbrella of Unilever.  That is why I have the absolute faith in their luxury line, Aviance.  Think of Unilever as the giant corporation that specializes in our every day needs with years of experience since the dawn of time.  Unilever no doubt has all the resources, research and development centres and infinite amount of data ever needed to create wonderful products, and brilliant marketing.  So there you have it, if we’ve been exposed to their everyday products by Unilever, it just gives me more reasons to be excited with Aviance.  The Resilient Complex Ultimate Smoothing Double Caviar Eye Cream was what turned my skepticism (like come on, you’re expensive, you know?) to a user that would stand by the brand.

–  Too much diarrhea, TL:DR.  This mask gives radiance finish, calms your redness and your blemishes, only it can be too dry on the skin surface, so follow-up moisturizing regime is necessary.

That is all.