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Post Review : Mary Kay Timewise Moisture Renewing Softener

This is a post usage review of Mary Kay Timewise Moisture Renewing Softener, as I am left with approximately 2 days of doses left of the whole bottle.

Honestly, from the moment I learnt about the product, I thought I knew what it was all about, yet I actually kinda didn’t really grasp the purpose or the significance of it throughout almost the whole bottle, until now.

And now, this product has grown on me.  Especially during my dry skin attack episode.  How’s that so?  Lemme explain how something that looks so tame has helped me and I believe, for all skin types too.

Imagine when your face is first washed, it is completely depleted of water or any hydration.  Thus your face is dry as a sheet.  Some cleansers make the skin feel tight, some feel pulled, but all n all, cleansers do strip off hydration and moisture on you face.

So this is how the softener helps.  With a cotton pad saturated with this softener, you pat on all over the face until all absorbed, and there it is!  The softener gives the first and instant boost of hydration!  You can immediately feel your skin less stretched, and moistened (NOTE : NOT MOISTURED).  Your skin feels nicer, softer, less coarse, and I guess the rest goes as claimed by the product profile, it boosts up the absorption of the rest of the products.

Imagine you had been trapped in a desert for days without water and finally rescue came, and before all the hardcore IV-drip or whatever, someone goes, “hey dude, here’s your glass of water”.  That’s how its’ like.  The softener cures the thirst of your face when it’s first stripped off all hydration.  And that’s all, such a simple mode of action, yet it makes so much sense, and helps out your skin so realistically.

And this is an EXTRA TRICK!  Which is shared by my beautician, I mean, that’s totally surprising, right?  You would think the beauticians stand only by their own products.  She told me that she also has a bottle of this softener.  But how she uses it is, she keeps it in a travel size spray bottle, and uses it as a hydration spray mist.  I gotta say, that is so fluffing brilliant!  (Can’t blame me for being gravely impressed with this trick, I’m quite a by-the-product-insertions type of person)

So there’s my post review after finishing a bottle.  I like it.

lookie that, ain't it huge?

lookie that, ain’t it huge?

The Complete Cleansing Ritual

It’s always good to be back home.  Especially when my disappearance from home is about a week, always.  And when I’m back, I would inaugurate a whole seek and destroy regime to make sure

Palmolive Naturals Invigorating Liquid Hand Wash 250ml

Palmolive Naturals Invigorating Liquid Hand Wash 250ml

I first wash my hands well and thoroughly for >30seconds or more.  Any soap dispenser would do.  I don’t believe in the anti bacterial sanitizing shit.  Good ol’ proper OCD procedure to get your hands, CLEANSED.

Bio-Essence Cleansing Milk & L'oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Bio-Essence Cleansing Milk & L’oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Only when the hands are clean enough to touch the face, then the proper facial cleansing regime begins.  I start with an L’oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover to remove my mascara.   I am using L’oreal cause I am trying to help my mom finish that tiny winy bit of it left.  I then used Bio-Essence to remove the makeup on my face.  1 cotton pad, 2 cotton pad, still not enough.  Well I guess we need a higher being in charge from here.

The Holy Trio.

The Holy Trio.

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil is the most effective way of getting rid of all traces of makeup.  So I called in the God of High Heavens.  I rinsed my face first to get rid of the traces of the milk cleanser n what not.  Toweled my face dry, I then rubbed 2 pumps of it and generously apply all over my face, rubbing the product across my face over and over again.  Until I felt my palm warming up a lil bit and that’s when I know it’s pretty much done, I rinse it off thoroughly with water, while again with a little bit of rubbing motion to make sure all unwanted excess are out of the way, out of my face!

Arrahan Lavendar Aroma Peeling Gel

Arrahan Lavendar Aroma Peeling Gel

Towel-patted my face dry, now I moved on to Peeling Gel.  For those with Sensitive skin, please do not use it more than once a week.  Twice a week for normal skin.  Sorry, I just have to stress this cause the face is oh so gloriously brightened you just can’t help and wished you could do this every 1hr!

Technique is important too.  ONLY USE LAST 3 OF YOUR FINGERS to rub the product across the face, put enough pressure just to keep it going.  Focus on the areas where you notice more debris (dead skins) are coming off, rubbing gently in circular motion, alternate with zig-zag motion at rougher patches.  Whole process should NOT last more than 2 minutes.  2 min TOPS, MAX, STOP.

After that, rinse, everything off, and you’ll notice how much “thinner” your skin gets and how much brightened your face is.  Of course, there will be bound to be areas where there’s bits of redness due to your sensitivity.  But fear not, after the whole regime is done, use some anti-sensitivity serum or calming agent to apply it, it will be fine after that.

Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser (combination to oily)

Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser (combination to oily)

Lastly, My Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser – for combi/oily skin.  The gel texture is always so cooling and smooth and it has really gentle almost melt-able microbeads in it.  I use this as my final wash to wash off all traces of everything left, chemicals left from peeling gel, and what not.

So That’s it.  I would then proceed on with my usual regime of serum-essence-night cream-sleeping mask.

And the next day, I would wake up, wash my face clean, and apply my Algae Purifying Mask that I keep in the fridge, for 30 minutes.  With that night, my favourite Q10+Royal Jelly Double Lifting Mask follows through to hush at my face and goes… “it’s alright now… we are good now… your face is stripped clean and rejuvenated now…”

And my soul, is purified.


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Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel Review

Jesus, I feel like I owe the world an update. Sorry for the absence! Work is overloading and my brittle bones are umm… still intact.

I have been on a Mary Kay roll these days cause I’m as vulnerable as being made moves on at the counters, as simply leaving a catalogue with me… and oh damn the sleepless nights.

Well what hit my shelf lately is the Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel.

Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel – Rm95.00 – 11gm

With eye problems, I’m constantly on the hunt for eye products.  I have tried many in the market, drug stores to big brands.  Well, I always have a thing for gel formula.  Cream is no doubt really luxurious, but gel is somehow, more calming and refreshing.

So What’s So Special About Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel?

According to Mary Kay’s claims, it calms, cools, and refreshes a tired-looking appearance.  It also increases skin moisturization up to 130%!

Not only that, it’s power packed with benefiting ingredients and all ultimately serve the purpose, to make your eyes better.

See How Light The Texture Is?

Whom Might This Be Suitable For?

  1. Oily Skin – Yes.  Those of us who suffer from oily skin, even suffer from oily eyes!  Cream texture is no doubt really pampering and luxurious, but sometimes, you do get oil seeds building up around your eyes.  One thing about oil seeds?  They do spread, so be careful.
  2. Eye Makeup – Because of it’s non-creamy texture, it won’t cause your eye makeup to run, or smudge.  Rich eye cream is actually a culprit to runny make up, or runny eyeliner.  With gel formula, you won’t get that problem.  Friendly advice, if you are to apply eye cream with rich formula, just apply on your under eyes and that will help with the application of concealers.  So due to these said effects, Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel is exceptionally suitable as a Day Eye-Gel!
  3. Young People Without Much Eye Problems – If you don’t have fine lines/wrinkles to battle with, you don’t need creams.  So this would be just right for you.

One Great Trick!

The best thing about gel formula is that, you can keep this in the fridge!  So upon application after it’s chilled in the fridge, it will literally, take away all the fatigues and puffiness after 1 long haul day.  And that is what I love about it!


While this may not be the Holy Grail of eye products, it certainly serves its few purposes and avoids the issues that rich eye creams can cause.  I have tried Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream (Omg, I could wet my pants recalling how good the product was), and another Double Caviar Eye Cream by Aviance (IT’S SO GOOD I WILL SO HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT!!!).  No doubt I have my love for eye creams but gel formula has it’s place to play.  One thing, I don’t have oil seeds building up around my eyes.  Also, with this Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel, you still can all the nutritions packed benefits, and apply your eye makeup and eyeliner smoothly, specially if you have oily skin.

Tutorial Vid – Simple Corporate Day Look

Hey Girls, Remember the before/after picture?  No?

Take a guess, which one’s before and after? (after shower that is…)

Well the tutorial vid is up!  As promised!

Music By :

– Thanks Ms. Panda – Fauxe

Be My Love – Fauxe

Phyla Digital 

– @phylaDigital

Products Used in the Video –

Primer – Lancome La Base

Liquid Foundation – ZA True White Plus – Shade 010

Concealer – ZA Perfect Concealer – Shade 01

Eyebrow Pencil – Empro from Sasa

Lash Primer – Lancome Lash Primer

Mascara – Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara

Mascara – Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

Pressed Powder – Mary Kay Pressed Powder, Shade – Ivory 2

Blush – Bobbi Brown Apricot 6

Stay tuned as I will write a review on the VERY VERY IMPORTANCE  of lash priming, and face priming.

Keep this blog going!

On The Topic : Softeners?

What Is A Softener?

Hey all, I’m not sure of your level of exposure when it comes to skincare compared to mine.  But this whole softener business, is new to me.  Herein, I would like to share with you what I’ve learnt and researched for the past few months.  (Yes, that’s how long it takes for me to decide on a product, research and google are your friends.)

What does it do?

Well, this we have to refer to the pioneers of softeners, which is (I guess), Shiseido.  Lets quote from the official website, and see what they explain :

In a layman’s term, in Shiseido’s claim, it boosts hydration level by 30%, and preps your skin for the next few level of skincare products, enhances and boosts the absorptions of every juicy highly nutritious serum/essence/moisturiser.

I have tried Shiseido’s softener (bout 3 days trial) but sadly, it broke my skin out with funny oil seeds n redness on my skin.  Whether or not rescued by BIotherm’s skincare series, luckily, they’re bout 85% gone now.

Have you ever tried Hado Labo’s hydration lotion?  The texture of Shiseido Hydration Softener is very similiar to that.

Mary Kay TimeWise Moisture Renewing Softener

And what do you know?  Browsing through Mary Kay’s catelogue, and voila, I see this thing again, softener.  And FINALLY, it came in the mail couple of days ago.  Needless to say, eager as an untrained monkey, I couldn’t wait to mix this softner into all these new sampled regimes.

What are the claims to Mary Kay’s Softener?


Well, How Does It Work?

Okay, Sounds good.  What are the ingredients though?

Alright, I’m pretty convinced.  Who is it suitable for, though?

Alright, I’m sold.  So how do I use it?

This is my personal take on the usage.  Especially, most of us, are used to a toner.  In this aspect, we refer back to Shiseido’s guideline.

  1. Have your face thoroughly cleansed.  Leave no trace of dirt.
  2. Apply softener (instead of toner) right after.
  3. Proceed on with your serum/essence
  4. Apply your day moisturiser/night cream.
  5. Lastly, spritz/spray toner/ or pat toner in over your face.

Lastly, what’s the flipping difference?

Softener – It provides hydration, and in a way it softens, relaxes your skin, so your skin is open to the rest of the facial products.  Unlike a toner, it tightens your skin, hence the ability to absorb all the goodness of all the products you’ve invested, is minimized.

Toner – The very main purpose of toner, is to get rid of excess oil/dirt which your cleanser is unable to do.  While doing that, it also tightens pores, oil-controls, and freshens up your skin.  So it only makes sense to spritz toner (not swipe with cotton pad) after your skincare regime, to lock in and close up the pores.  and keep the nutritions prisoned.. heh heh heh.


Sounds confusing doesn’t it?  No worries, trust me on this and stick to this 5 steps regime and give yourself 2 weeks to 1 month.  You will see the difference.  I may not have used this product for too long but the academic part of me just had to examine all the ingredients, trials done.

So far that I’ve tried, it just feels like moistening cotton pad with mountain fresh water and I glide it across my face, only that I know this mountain fresh water in pink bottle is packed with all the goodies of nutritions.  No densed gel-water texture like Hado Labo or Shiseido softener.  It is just, swiss mountain water, no other words for it.

Packaging & Pricing

Bottle is HUGE.  RM90 – 147ml.  The researchers even break it down to how long the product will last!

Referring to the chart above, too bad the Ang Mohs don’t have a word for Kiasu.  LOL.

What’s the good news?


Top 5 commenters who leave a comment on this blog post would stand a chance to try out this awesome softener samples.  Comments should entail why you like this blog.  While at the same time, don’t stop sharing my page/blog with your beauty friends.  Because there are so much so much more goodies to come!

lookie that, ain’t it huge?

That is all, cheers girls.


Review : Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Psst, lean over, I’ve something to share.

This is probably one of the best lesser known product in the market.  For a product to go under the radar with my eagle eyes, it’s pure unnatural.  Maybe I need glasses, hmm.

I bought this eye makeup remover from Mary Kay simply because I thought, “Hey, it’s something I’ll need, okay I’ll get it.”

But that simple thought unravelled such amazement.  It is quite a surprise catch, it’s amazingly gentle, and of all eye makeup removers I’ve tried, this is cooling!  And you would think, nothing can possibly beat Lancome’s Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover (come on, everyone who’s tried Bi-Facil would ultimately think it a Holy Grail remover.)

RM60.00 – 110ml

So then I thought, hey it’s probably cooling because I left it on the tiled floor after I unboxed everything.  But since then til this day, sitting on the shelf, it just has that additional cooling sensation not offered by any other eye makeup remover.  But of course every product has its pros and cons, here I’ve listed it down :


  • OH SO AFFORDABLE!  RM60 for 110ml vs Bi-Facil RM100 for 125ml
  • Gentle, really gentle.
  • This deserves 3 stars!  Because of it’s non-oil formula, it is not heavy on the eyes, and it has never blinded me once!  Other eye makeup removers, leave a heavy dense of oil on the lids and cause you temporary blindness that forces you to scream and hopefully the echoes would guide you to your bathroom to waterjet your eyes out.  (Kidding, I don’t scream, I just cry.)
  • Cooling, which is so unlikely in a product as such, like a nice little pre-autumn boxed nicely in the summer.
  • Once mascara is fully removed, it doesn’t leave hidden melted mascara in your eyes which you wake up to the next day.  It’s fully removed.


  • Due to its non-oil formula, it takes relatively longer time than other products to fully remove the mascara.  Bear in mind it DOES fully take off, it just takes longer time to melt the mascara.  So if you are the type that removes your makeup in a haste (Linda I’m looking at you), it might wear your patience a little bit.  But then if you’re the type that only applies 1 product of mascara (doing makeup in a haste, Linda I’m still looking at you), It should be a breeze.
  • This is more of my personal problem, I never own any water-proof mascara so I don’t know how it works on hardcore water-proof ones.

Also for this review, I conducted a little comparison test.  Check this.

  • Comparison Baseline : Both sides of eyes are equipped with same mascara products, Lancome Lash Primer and Lancome Virtuose Drama.
  • Method : Fully soak cotton pad, dab on eyes for 10 seconds and slide eyes open, repeat x3, total 30 seconds to see how much products each can pick up.

And the results :

cotton loaded with the Lancome Bi-Facil

Mascara removed by Lancome Bi-Facil after total 30 seconds

Cotton Pad loaded with Mary Kay remover
Mascara removed in total 30 seconds by Mary Kay remover


I’ll definitely recommend it.  Quality of high end brands but price of a mid range product.  Only do keep in mind, if your lashes are heavily coated with mascara products (like more than 3 mascaras combined), it’ll take you some sweet moment to melt it, but hey, it’s sweet.

Makeup Alley Review : 4.4 out of 5, 84% would repurchase again!

Click here for official information from Mary Kay.

Leave a comment on FB Page if you’re interested for some samples.  ^^