Review : KATE BB Gel Cream

Oh, the money I  waste invest to satisfy my curiousity.

Today I”m gonna be touching on this BB cream from Kate, which in all honesty, was actually not bad!

Kate BB Gel Cream

Kate BB Gel Cream

I swear I must have been in Sasa few times to test all the range of shades, it comes 3 shades, 1 being the lightest.  And it was hard to determine what was right because seriously, this BB cream does look that natural.  More over, it doesn’t have the repulsive ashy beige shade that typical BB creams come in.  And hey, it says Gel cream!  So I was putting all my hopes on this, finally something more suitable for oily face.

So after much of testing, I finally grabbed one in Shade 1, cause I had a week long meeting  in Jan and I just wanted something that doesn’t require my OCD precision of foundation application.

Kate BB Gel Cream - Shade 1

Kate BB Gel Cream – Shade 1

The Experience

In truth, I actually liked it.  It evens out the your skin tone, and brightens up your face, whilst it doesn’t look like you have anything on.  It really achieves a natural look, albeit it got oily within 3-4hrs in an air condition room.  But, the downside is that, I got break outs from it 😦

For that couple of days, I thought it was stress induced but then I am … literally as said, the control group, that the factor of pimple popping is controlled, so the only chance for pimples to occur is when an adverse event occurs.  And in this case, it is this.

Refusing to be judgemental, I gave it a wash out period of 1 week after the meeting.  I used the BB cream again and immediately I got 2 pimples on that day.

The Verdict


–  really natural

–  nice and natural skin brightening effect

– matches your skin tone perfectly even in different shades


– it broke me out, then again it’s just me. but you are welcome to try though!

– slightly on the oily side for the oily skin.

*Edit :  Just in case someone reads japanese.  LOL.

Kate BB Gel Cream - Label

Kate BB Gel Cream – Label