KAWAII OF THE MONTH! – FREEPLUS Skin Care Powder Wash (Oil Control)

I’m grateful my sister is such a shopper, I can try many things I wouldn’t usually buy.  And we both have similiar skin types, so that works out!  *2 thumbs*

FREEPLUS SKINCARE Powder Wash – Oil Control

Check out this cutie, will ya?  Can it get any cuter????  I’m all bubbly inside!


The facial wash comes in what’s the word for miniature containers?  Oh, smurfy containers!  And it’s not in liquid form, it’s in powder form!  So adorably gimmicky.  LOL.

The first time I opened it I mistakenly dished out the whole content of powder which proved to be… too much.  It was enough to lather over the whole upper part of my body (size may vary, heh).  A small, smurfy container like this can go up to 2-3 wash.

Power Packed Powder. Triple P, hah.

1/4 of content in my hand.

mixed with water and lather, the other 1/2 of foam is on the hand holding the cam.


Other than being all kawaii and being really gentle (the foam dies off rather quickly than liquid cleanser), what else is it good for?  Hmm…


  1. it is definitely useful when you’re boarding international flights.  That’s the biggest advantage.  If you find yourself on multiple long hours connecting flights, this would definitely prove useful.  You just have to explain really carefully to the securities what those powders are… just don’t… snort it.
  2. Although it’s for oil control, it’s creamy and less harsh than liquid cleansers.  You can add water anytime if you find the foam lessening.  So gentle I feel like I can wash my eyes with it.  (disclaimer : my feelings are not always accurate)
  3. It can be a good spare that you chuck on the shelf.  Unless you have some form of obsession with being totally kawaii, I doubt this would totally replace your usual regime of conventional liquid cleanser.  So it’s a good spare you keep around for situations you find that liquid cleansers just aren’t available.


That concludes for now, ladies.


oh, Freeplus is a subline of Kanebo.  Just not in Malaysia.