Review : NARUKO Raw Job’s Tears Night Eye Gelly


Phew, that’s a mouthful.

For the record, I honestly don’t know what raw job’s tears is.  It makes more sense in mandarin, yet I never knew there was ever such a plant.

NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Night Eye GellyBefore I get into any of it, let me just quickly show you the listed ingredients.  If you are an au naturale, organic obsessed all hail herbs type of fans, you will be sooo impressed with what’s listed.

check out the ingredients, are you impressed or what?

check out the ingredients, are you impressed or what?

And NARUKO doesn’t just stop here, you know what, it brands itself as a healthy organization that supports eco-environment causes, community trades, and all the good and righteous things.  As the famous tag line says, “The real performance inside is more crucial than the decoration outside.  Just as the truth beneath the skin is far greater than the appearance.”

Such a humble, straight forward statement, true as gold.

The Packaging

If you’ve owned a NARUKO product before, you will be familiar with this :

The Packaging

The Packaging

The box is made with recycled papers WITHOUT losing it’s touch of elegance.  It definitely does not feel like toilet paper or any of the sort, the paper box feel is light.  And to make sure that the box serves a purpose after unboxed, it even gives you instructions on how to use it to make a namecard holder out of it!  THERE!  You get an extra origami lesson.  Isn’t it fun?

Another point I must make, I think highly of products that come with a spatula.  I find this is the PROPER way of doing business, if your product comes in a jar, you give a spatula, like this.  It shows the extent of thoughtfulness in product designs.  It shows the business owners are not just eager to sell you their products, but they want you to make sure they are used accordingly with proper hygiene.  Well, at least that’s what I think.

So… *kudos* …. *clap*clap*

The Product

There is a reason why the texture description is spelled as Gelly instead of Jelly.  I understand why now.  Cause while it comes in a gel texture, the consistency is much thicker than your oridnary gel, it’s much thicker, not runny at all, almost similiar to how a sleeping mask feels like.

Gelly Content

Gelly Content

And actually, yes, this is the sleeping mask for EYES!  @_@

That is why it is specified for night use only.  If you were to use it in the morning, it might just melt and ruin all your makeup, make you look like a 90s runaway trash-glam teenage girl.

The Experience

Surprise surprise, I LOVE IT!  I’ve never imagined myself, EVER, to like a taiwanese product!  I guess I’ve always been more in tuned and familiar with the western side of skincare philosophies.  I bought this product because I kinda told my friend I wanted it out of sheer courtesy.  And sleeping mask for eyes?  Alright, my curiousity bell’s tingling.  You’ve got me.

I honestly love the product.  It’s so soothing to the eyes.  It came especially as a superhero rescue after I watched The Hobbits in 3D.  My eyebags were hurting at the movies!  So weird!  It was my eyebags that were so sore and tired watching in 3D in our local cinema.  (MBO YOU SUCK).  And eversince I start using this product, I rarely, rarely rarely rarely, feel fatigue under my eyes anymore.  If I ever do, and I just pat this on and it’ll sweep all the eye-lethargy away.

So much I so actively love this product, at night I apply it, pat ’em dry, just so I can apply another layer of it, and I pat it dry again, and think to myself, yeah another layer won’t harm.  Hah.

And also, not sure if it’s my sleep that has improved with the holidays and without the traveling, my under eye dark circles have lightened up.  It could be the product, it could be the lifestyle.  I can’t say, but it has lightened up that wee bit.

The Verdict

This product can be found in Watsons stores now.  I’m not sure how much it’s priced in Watsons or other retails as I got it at a special-er rate with my friend.  But it’s definitely worth it.  Cause you actually only need a tiny wee bit, and since it’s only to be used at night, 30ml can last you A RONG-RONG TIME.  It feels really nice, and I guess it does the work, it’s not crazily prized, even if it’s an impulsive buy, it doesn’t hurt your wallet.  And what’s more attractive than a company that supports social causes and community trade? Not only NARUKO supports it, it even creates and promotes awareness to consumers.  So if you ask me, I’m giving it a “YES”, definitely.

The only cons?

1)  I started having oil seeds (haven’t shown up for months!) after using this product 😦  I use it sparingly now.

2)  Since it’s an eye sleeping mask, you need an eye cream before that, I don’t think it’s indicated as an eye cream.  But if you’re not too particular, you may try, I guess.

So here goes, if you want discounted NARUKO products, you may check out my friend’s page on facebook.

and also… check out my page too!  LOL.

That is all.

Oh, Merry X’mas and Happy New Year and all that jazz.