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Online Shopping Hauls

Geez!  I actually had RM10++ short of RM400 worth of online orders arriving at my office today!

I need an intervention, no?

What’s unusual is the products I bought from a website that sells sample sized products.  I bought a little bit just to test how reliable this site is.  It seems legit.

Postal Address : checked.

Proper Invoice : checked.

Time of delivery  and email communication : prompt and on time.

Left – Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 30ml – RM16.00
Right – Sisley Phyto Blanc Lightening Cleansing Milk 30ml – RM32.00
Postage – RM10.00


You know it, reviews coming soon!

Review : Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Psst, lean over, I’ve something to share.

This is probably one of the best lesser known product in the market.  For a product to go under the radar with my eagle eyes, it’s pure unnatural.  Maybe I need glasses, hmm.

I bought this eye makeup remover from Mary Kay simply because I thought, “Hey, it’s something I’ll need, okay I’ll get it.”

But that simple thought unravelled such amazement.  It is quite a surprise catch, it’s amazingly gentle, and of all eye makeup removers I’ve tried, this is cooling!  And you would think, nothing can possibly beat Lancome’s Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover (come on, everyone who’s tried Bi-Facil would ultimately think it a Holy Grail remover.)

RM60.00 – 110ml

So then I thought, hey it’s probably cooling because I left it on the tiled floor after I unboxed everything.  But since then til this day, sitting on the shelf, it just has that additional cooling sensation not offered by any other eye makeup remover.  But of course every product has its pros and cons, here I’ve listed it down :


  • OH SO AFFORDABLE!  RM60 for 110ml vs Bi-Facil RM100 for 125ml
  • Gentle, really gentle.
  • This deserves 3 stars!  Because of it’s non-oil formula, it is not heavy on the eyes, and it has never blinded me once!  Other eye makeup removers, leave a heavy dense of oil on the lids and cause you temporary blindness that forces you to scream and hopefully the echoes would guide you to your bathroom to waterjet your eyes out.  (Kidding, I don’t scream, I just cry.)
  • Cooling, which is so unlikely in a product as such, like a nice little pre-autumn boxed nicely in the summer.
  • Once mascara is fully removed, it doesn’t leave hidden melted mascara in your eyes which you wake up to the next day.  It’s fully removed.


  • Due to its non-oil formula, it takes relatively longer time than other products to fully remove the mascara.  Bear in mind it DOES fully take off, it just takes longer time to melt the mascara.  So if you are the type that removes your makeup in a haste (Linda I’m looking at you), it might wear your patience a little bit.  But then if you’re the type that only applies 1 product of mascara (doing makeup in a haste, Linda I’m still looking at you), It should be a breeze.
  • This is more of my personal problem, I never own any water-proof mascara so I don’t know how it works on hardcore water-proof ones.

Also for this review, I conducted a little comparison test.  Check this.

  • Comparison Baseline : Both sides of eyes are equipped with same mascara products, Lancome Lash Primer and Lancome Virtuose Drama.
  • Method : Fully soak cotton pad, dab on eyes for 10 seconds and slide eyes open, repeat x3, total 30 seconds to see how much products each can pick up.

And the results :

cotton loaded with the Lancome Bi-Facil

Mascara removed by Lancome Bi-Facil after total 30 seconds

Cotton Pad loaded with Mary Kay remover
Mascara removed in total 30 seconds by Mary Kay remover


I’ll definitely recommend it.  Quality of high end brands but price of a mid range product.  Only do keep in mind, if your lashes are heavily coated with mascara products (like more than 3 mascaras combined), it’ll take you some sweet moment to melt it, but hey, it’s sweet.

Makeup Alley Review : 4.4 out of 5, 84% would repurchase again!

Click here for official information from Mary Kay.

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