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Parcel of Goodies! (Part 2) Review : Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream

Jesus!  If there’s ever a reader out there, I’m totally sorry for the lack of updates.  Traveling, old story retold, has taken a toll on me.  The very lack of time, lack of mental space, and the lack of updates.

For those who still read, *muacks* –  kiss on your forehead.

In a strange way of coincidence, I ONLY opened Cheek Venom today cause damn it, my skin is too glowy for any makeup!  😛  So I thought I’d give this a try, see how pinched cheeks look like.  But for the sake of a sequential review, I should review the Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics – Mineral Eye Cream for this post.  Check out Part 1 here.

First off, a little introduction on the company and the products.  I bought this range of Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics  from MySale.   And boy, did it take long.  In a nutshell, they are from a US company but all ingredients, manufacture are all done in Israel.  So, purest of the pure of the dead sea related benefits.  So, there’s that.

What Are The Claims?

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream

And What Are The Ingredients?

The Ingredients

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream – The Ingredients

I’m not sure what the first sign says, but glob it I wanna pinch the butt out of the bunny.  So there you have it!  The packaging is recyclable, not tested on animals especially cute little bunnies, and it’s PARABEN-FREE.  And I”m guessing that this can last another 18 mths after it’s opened, guessing from the first icon.  Not only that, the listed ingredients look actually ass-kicking.

*2 thumbs up*

The Experience

Alright, as stated on the label it is a light textured cream.  But this should have a class of its own cause it’s been days and I still can’t figure out the right word to describe the texture.  The closest thing I could think of, do you remember when we were kids?  Or… back in the 90s, there’s this jar of white cream with a picture of an ice berg?  That’s supposed to make you skin beautiful or something.

The White (Fluffy) Texture

The White (Fluffy) Texture

The texture is very similiar but lighter than that.  It is spreadable, yet again so easily absorbed.  It leaves NO RESIDUE at all.  None, I swear by God.  Unlike any other cream, or even eye gel, it absorbs so well and there’s no trace of oil, stickiness, or any that you would relate to any eye cream.  For the lack of a better word, it dries even better than a serum!

One way to find out, is I’ve been experimenting with this eyelid tapes of late.  (I totally f-ed it up)  And because of this I haven’t been applying any eye cream/gel/mask to my eyelids, just on the eye bags.  Because if your eyelids are wet/oily, the eyelid tapes won’t stick and when greasy, they become visible.  But amazingly, with this eye cream, it just absorbs so well that allows you to use the eyelid tapes without sliding off.  And the eyelid tapes don’t appear greasy and become visible.

And what more, it comes in such a huge jar!  Like I said, it’s highly spreadable.  So a week into it now it hasn’t even dipped!



The Conclusion

I quite like it.  I think I’ve gone past the point of believing in magical claims so as long as the cream is sturdy, does what it does, keeps my eyes protected, hydrated without funny side effects, it counts as a pass in my book.  Only thing is it’s a HUGE jar, it kinda prevents me from… shopping for more!  What kinda valid complaint is this, sigh… *first world problem*

Parcels of Goodies! (part 1) Review : Avani Dead Sea Natural Mineral Body Scrub in Milk Honey

I must have forgotten, there was one fine day and merely just rushing my shit done in the office, I received a parcel in the morning and I went, “phew! Finally…”  The order was placed for nearly 2 months ago.  Then, when I was about to leave the office, the clerk handed me another parcel.

And boy, must it have been a good day!

And let the goodies unveil!

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics, Face Atelier Facade, and Duwop Cheek Venom

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics, Face Atelier Facade, and Duwop Cheek Venom

The product list goes :

1)  Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Purifying Mud Facial Mask for normal to combination Skin

2)  Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream – enriched with natural plant extracts,Vitamin E and Collagen.

3) Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Natural Mineral Body Scrub in Milk Honey

4) Face Atelier – Facade in Arabesque

5) DuWop Cheek Venom … in something ( I can’t remember 😛 )

I can’t review all of the products all at once so Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Natural Mineral Body Scrub in Milk HoneyI CHOOSE YOU.

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Natural Mineral Body Scrub in Milk Honey

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Natural Mineral Body Scrub in Milk Honey

It comes in a huge fat jar of ROCK SEA SALTS with CONCOCTIONS of all good and nourishing oil that is almost a guarantee to some form of longevity.  Check this.

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Natural Mineral Body Scrub in Milk Honey

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Natural Mineral Body Scrub in Milk Honey

*Reading the ingredients make me wanna take a tablespoon of it in the morning to keep my skin and immune system upbeat.  



The Experience

As you can see, the sea salt is not infused with the oil, they are just incorporated in a jar.  The first time I used it, I almost gave it a 2/5.  One thing, I kinda had a nappy rash (oops!) on my bum and … really? salt on open wound?  Brilliant.

Upon opening the jar, my first concern was definitely that the oil will finish/dry up way before the sea salt does.  And I’ll tell you, these sea salts r like the size of… evil sharp crystals man!  So What am I gonna do when all the good and heavenly oil run out?  Cook with the sea salt?  Might as well I pan fry some dead sea fish with the nutritious oil and  season it with this dead sea sea salt.

And if you are the type that likes really clean and dry skin after shower, you will hate this product.  No shit.  Because, your skin is just infused with oil, you definitely don’t get that squeaky clean feel.  After shower, there are droplets of water on your skin, which is kinda a cool sight to look at.

But by my second use, I like it, heck, I enjoy it more now!  Somehow I grab a handful of ’em badass sounding sea salt (trying to squeeze as much oil out as possible) and start my scrubbing ritual.  And this time, probably without any open wound, the sea salt doesn’t feel rocky, and it actually melts!

So I scrub scrub and scrub… so much fun you can have on your own! 😛

Well, if you’ve been paying attention of my chronic severe dry skin with atopic dermatitis, I certainly don’t mind the sensation of oil infused in skin.  (Not like baby oil rubbed and layered on your skin, this actually penetrates into your skin.)

The Verdict

If you need and immediate dry skin relief due to pro-longed air conditioning or you need a winter rescue kit, this would be perfect for you.

For those who hate any form of oiliness and are used to harsh form wash to be considered a fresh-and-clean shower.  You would definitely want to take another shower.

More Reviews coming up soon on ’em products!  Stay tuned guys.

Review : NARUKO Raw Job’s Tears Night Eye Gelly


Phew, that’s a mouthful.

For the record, I honestly don’t know what raw job’s tears is.  It makes more sense in mandarin, yet I never knew there was ever such a plant.

NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening Night Eye GellyBefore I get into any of it, let me just quickly show you the listed ingredients.  If you are an au naturale, organic obsessed all hail herbs type of fans, you will be sooo impressed with what’s listed.

check out the ingredients, are you impressed or what?

check out the ingredients, are you impressed or what?

And NARUKO doesn’t just stop here, you know what, it brands itself as a healthy organization that supports eco-environment causes, community trades, and all the good and righteous things.  As the famous tag line says, “The real performance inside is more crucial than the decoration outside.  Just as the truth beneath the skin is far greater than the appearance.”

Such a humble, straight forward statement, true as gold.

The Packaging

If you’ve owned a NARUKO product before, you will be familiar with this :

The Packaging

The Packaging

The box is made with recycled papers WITHOUT losing it’s touch of elegance.  It definitely does not feel like toilet paper or any of the sort, the paper box feel is light.  And to make sure that the box serves a purpose after unboxed, it even gives you instructions on how to use it to make a namecard holder out of it!  THERE!  You get an extra origami lesson.  Isn’t it fun?

Another point I must make, I think highly of products that come with a spatula.  I find this is the PROPER way of doing business, if your product comes in a jar, you give a spatula, like this.  It shows the extent of thoughtfulness in product designs.  It shows the business owners are not just eager to sell you their products, but they want you to make sure they are used accordingly with proper hygiene.  Well, at least that’s what I think.

So… *kudos* …. *clap*clap*

The Product

There is a reason why the texture description is spelled as Gelly instead of Jelly.  I understand why now.  Cause while it comes in a gel texture, the consistency is much thicker than your oridnary gel, it’s much thicker, not runny at all, almost similiar to how a sleeping mask feels like.

Gelly Content

Gelly Content

And actually, yes, this is the sleeping mask for EYES!  @_@

That is why it is specified for night use only.  If you were to use it in the morning, it might just melt and ruin all your makeup, make you look like a 90s runaway trash-glam teenage girl.

The Experience

Surprise surprise, I LOVE IT!  I’ve never imagined myself, EVER, to like a taiwanese product!  I guess I’ve always been more in tuned and familiar with the western side of skincare philosophies.  I bought this product because I kinda told my friend I wanted it out of sheer courtesy.  And sleeping mask for eyes?  Alright, my curiousity bell’s tingling.  You’ve got me.

I honestly love the product.  It’s so soothing to the eyes.  It came especially as a superhero rescue after I watched The Hobbits in 3D.  My eyebags were hurting at the movies!  So weird!  It was my eyebags that were so sore and tired watching in 3D in our local cinema.  (MBO YOU SUCK).  And eversince I start using this product, I rarely, rarely rarely rarely, feel fatigue under my eyes anymore.  If I ever do, and I just pat this on and it’ll sweep all the eye-lethargy away.

So much I so actively love this product, at night I apply it, pat ’em dry, just so I can apply another layer of it, and I pat it dry again, and think to myself, yeah another layer won’t harm.  Hah.

And also, not sure if it’s my sleep that has improved with the holidays and without the traveling, my under eye dark circles have lightened up.  It could be the product, it could be the lifestyle.  I can’t say, but it has lightened up that wee bit.

The Verdict

This product can be found in Watsons stores now.  I’m not sure how much it’s priced in Watsons or other retails as I got it at a special-er rate with my friend.  But it’s definitely worth it.  Cause you actually only need a tiny wee bit, and since it’s only to be used at night, 30ml can last you A RONG-RONG TIME.  It feels really nice, and I guess it does the work, it’s not crazily prized, even if it’s an impulsive buy, it doesn’t hurt your wallet.  And what’s more attractive than a company that supports social causes and community trade? Not only NARUKO supports it, it even creates and promotes awareness to consumers.  So if you ask me, I’m giving it a “YES”, definitely.

The only cons?

1)  I started having oil seeds (haven’t shown up for months!) after using this product 😦  I use it sparingly now.

2)  Since it’s an eye sleeping mask, you need an eye cream before that, I don’t think it’s indicated as an eye cream.  But if you’re not too particular, you may try, I guess.

So here goes, if you want discounted NARUKO products, you may check out my friend’s page on facebook.

and also… check out my page too!  LOL.

That is all.

Oh, Merry X’mas and Happy New Year and all that jazz.

Dry Skin – To The Rescue (Part 3) – Kinerase

Finally, the epic trilogy to my Dry Skin condition has come to an end… or has it?

Again, that very week when I was held hostage in the hotel room, and my stupid idea of “packing light” meant I had no additional products to help me relieve of the ugly coarse dry skin.

But at The Lord’s mercy, a sweet lady, Ms. Susan, gave me some samples of Kinerase, which I kid you not, it’s been so raved about by other friends.

Kinerase Sample Set

Kinerase Sample Set

This Kinerase sample set comprises of 4 key components to their skincare regime, which are :

1) Kinerase Daily Gentle Cleanser

Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser

Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser

This Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser is enriched with Green Tea Extract, Foaming Formula, and it’s PARABEN, FRAGRANCE AND DYE-FREE.

2) Kinerase C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment :

Kinerase C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment

Kinerase C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment

It visibly helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin texture and tone. This intensive treatment contains:

  • Kinetin
  • Argireline – an advanced hexapeptide (six amino acids) that demonstrates Botulinum toxin-like effects to improve the appearance of aging skin. This ingredient helps reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 30% in 30 days1.
  • L-Ascorbic Acid – delivers more Vitamin C for radiant skin.
  • Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E – powerful antioxidants to protect against free radical damage to skin.
  • Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and dye-free.

3) Kinerase Cream – This contains 0.1% Kinetin to give you a better overall complexion and improved fine wrinkles, especially in the crow’s feet area. Both the Kinerase® Cream and Lotion can improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Kinerase Cream

Kinerase C

Kinerase Eye Cream

Kinerase Eye Cream

It is a light and moisturising formula that targets fine lines and wrinkles. This unique cream pampers the delicate skin around the eyes with its soothing and hydrating benefits. This eye cream contains:

  • 0.125% Kinetin – the highest concentration level in the Kinerase®
  • Core Collection.
  • Coix Seed Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate – hydrate skin around the contours of the eye area.
  • Aloe Vera – reduces irritation and helps to soothe skin.
  • Grape Seed Extract – boost antioxidant benefits and fight redness
  • Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, paraben-free and dye-free

The Experience

Truly, THANK GOD, this came at the best timing when I was going through the whole acute dry skin crisis.  When usually I avoid at all cost to use additional product that’s in the form of cream texture, but I embraced Kinerase C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment in conjunction with it’s Kinerase Cream.  Heck, I even used Kinerase C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment in the morning, bear in mind that it’s cream textured, and I would be heading out in the sun and all.  I love serum, essence and all those because it provides additional nutritions and benefits and penetrates beyond dermis.  But with this C6 Peptide, I didn’t care, cause I know I am totally at the mercy of it to salvage my beautiful face. *ahem*

But honestly, I am not using them long enough to see all the claims and benefits as stated in their clinical studies.  Although, it did rescue my face that very instant.  The Daily Gentle Cleanser was even more gentle than Biotherm Aquasource gel-mousse cleanser.  The Kinerase Eye Cream is nice, but it’s in light cream formula.  My personal preference is heavy eye creams, but if you wanna avoid oil seeds building around your eyes, light cream formula is the way to go.

The Conclusion

What’s so special about Kinerase though?  First off, again it is a medical grade skincare which is only available through prescriptions, clinics and specialists.  C6 Peptide, in short, creates a botox effect (most layman’s term possible).  Hence this is extremely suitable for post-cosmetic surgery skincare regime.  Also possibly one of the best anti-aging product in the market.

I would advice that you go ahead and try it out if you think you wanna step up your skincare game play.  They certainly don’t come cheap, but when it really works, it’s really worth it.

I’m gonna wait til I finish up my current loads of skincare and probably switch to Kinerase series, provided I don’t get astray and buy every online product I bump across online.

Dang, these things, draw me like a cat to katnip.

Oh!  For more information on Kinetin (just what the fluff is that?)  Do check out this website for a thorough understanding.  Cheers Y’all!

Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel Review

Jesus, I feel like I owe the world an update. Sorry for the absence! Work is overloading and my brittle bones are umm… still intact.

I have been on a Mary Kay roll these days cause I’m as vulnerable as being made moves on at the counters, as simply leaving a catalogue with me… and oh damn the sleepless nights.

Well what hit my shelf lately is the Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel.

Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel – Rm95.00 – 11gm

With eye problems, I’m constantly on the hunt for eye products.  I have tried many in the market, drug stores to big brands.  Well, I always have a thing for gel formula.  Cream is no doubt really luxurious, but gel is somehow, more calming and refreshing.

So What’s So Special About Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel?

According to Mary Kay’s claims, it calms, cools, and refreshes a tired-looking appearance.  It also increases skin moisturization up to 130%!

Not only that, it’s power packed with benefiting ingredients and all ultimately serve the purpose, to make your eyes better.

See How Light The Texture Is?

Whom Might This Be Suitable For?

  1. Oily Skin – Yes.  Those of us who suffer from oily skin, even suffer from oily eyes!  Cream texture is no doubt really pampering and luxurious, but sometimes, you do get oil seeds building up around your eyes.  One thing about oil seeds?  They do spread, so be careful.
  2. Eye Makeup – Because of it’s non-creamy texture, it won’t cause your eye makeup to run, or smudge.  Rich eye cream is actually a culprit to runny make up, or runny eyeliner.  With gel formula, you won’t get that problem.  Friendly advice, if you are to apply eye cream with rich formula, just apply on your under eyes and that will help with the application of concealers.  So due to these said effects, Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel is exceptionally suitable as a Day Eye-Gel!
  3. Young People Without Much Eye Problems – If you don’t have fine lines/wrinkles to battle with, you don’t need creams.  So this would be just right for you.

One Great Trick!

The best thing about gel formula is that, you can keep this in the fridge!  So upon application after it’s chilled in the fridge, it will literally, take away all the fatigues and puffiness after 1 long haul day.  And that is what I love about it!


While this may not be the Holy Grail of eye products, it certainly serves its few purposes and avoids the issues that rich eye creams can cause.  I have tried Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream (Omg, I could wet my pants recalling how good the product was), and another Double Caviar Eye Cream by Aviance (IT’S SO GOOD I WILL SO HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT!!!).  No doubt I have my love for eye creams but gel formula has it’s place to play.  One thing, I don’t have oil seeds building up around my eyes.  Also, with this Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel, you still can all the nutritions packed benefits, and apply your eye makeup and eyeliner smoothly, specially if you have oily skin.