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The worst scenatio is when you’ve done wrong but no one to apologize to. :/


Here’s my quasi-legit excuse, I just came back from NZ! Phew!

Will update pics soon when me get my lappie online.

Here’s a little something to cheat my way by.




(why do i need two mascaras i dont know! Btw my first maybelline since 08 :p)

Short Post : Advance Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Samples

Bought Matte Perfecting Primer (Will do a review on it soon) from the local Estee Lauder Counter in Parkson, I was given 5 sachets of this Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Samples.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Samples

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Samples

The lady told me that each sachet is equivalent to 1 actual pump, so it is in my duty to not just smear on “enough” but to empty out the whole content and rub/pat on your face until fully absorbed.

I did as told.  And JESUS!  I gotta tell you, much like most of the opinions on MAU, your skin is just oh, so beautiful the next day.  Now it’s beyond my limit to tell you how it achieves it but it is glorious healthy, glowly skin.  It’s beautiful.

But, after 2 sachets which I only use at night, I had pimples breaking out.  Okay, I stopped.  Then I thought, how about I skim on the serum and just use as “needed” instead of emptying the whole sachet.  1 more attempt by that method, my face just … started to have funny allergies/red dots/over the cheeks.

So, guess what, now this super duper uber crazy serum is now used on my neck.

Just my luck I guess, such beautiful serum, but just doesn’t work for me.  Same as Genifique from Lancome, that failed too.  Blemishes popped out all over my face and it took three 2-weeks interval facials to finally get rid of everything brewing under my skin.  And I only used that for 6 days.


Two star products from reputable Estee Lauder and Lancome gives me reactions.  I have only 1 final bullet in mind which is Clarins Double Serum.  Man, all in the name of age-fighting.

That is all, ladies, or is it?

Swatch : Estee Lauder Double Wear & Double Wear Light Foundation

This is such a late entry!

I had finally gotten the samples on Thursday, and for some reason, I never had much fate with Estee lauder for the many times I lurked around the counter.  Even on the day itself, when finally there was someone present, i had to wait for over 20 minutes for her to be done with the customer she was serving at that time.

Samples : Estee Lauder Double Wear & Double Wear Light Foundation, the colours on the containers do not represent the actual shade, not a see-through sample bottle.

Long story short, it was, I can say, worth the wait.  The counter manager is a gorgeous lady named Angela and why was it worth the wait?  She was so knowledgable, had great skills as a make up artist.  I learnt a lot from her, and I bet it’ll take me some really dedicated practice to ever be at her level.

What Did I learn?

1)  Angela first had first determined my shade and tone with a chart.  By putting a chart of shades from lightest to darkest on your face, you can clearly see which shade you are, or if not, the closest.  So it was determined that I am at Shade 2.  And there’s 3 palettes below the shades that you are, which would then determine if you are Cool/Neutral/Warm.  So with this chart, it accurately pins down to I’m a 2.5, which is Shade 2 – Neutral.  Well actually, I am between Neutral and Warm.

Angela told me to always follow your neck.  It is only natural that the face would always appear warmer than the neck due to sun exposure.  I think this is an important message, most asian girls beat themselves over their face being warmer or in their eyes, “tanned” than the rest of their bodies.  So girls, don’t worry, it’s only natural.

2)  Angela has an amazing technique in applying foundation.  It’s so delicate and the strokes are of precision.  From her I learnt that, in Estee Lauder’s philosophy, your face is like a flower, so you start with the centre of your face, and apply outwards.  The edge, or the the side closest to your hairlines are usually the most perfect spots on your face, where then you apply least of the foundation.  In that way, the coverage appears more 3D, instead of a flat coverage like paint.

3)  Contrary to what I’ve learnt,  Estee Lauder’s philosophy is to apply very light coverage over under eye dark circles.  These areas (under eyes) are also where you apply minimum foundation.  Sounds bizarre, but it works.  You just need to learn very well about their techniques in applying the foundation/concealers.  (You apply very light strokes, sounds simple but she does it so well!)

4)  This is probably the most amazing discovery that I’ve learnt from Angela.  Your blush has to match your lipsticks.  We played around with different blushes and different lipsticks.  Angela just knew by instinct what would be my preferences.  I had a pink blush and a coral blush applied on each side of my cheeks.  When I tried on different lipsticks, it only seemed THAT OBVIOUS how pink tone lipstick would not go with coral blush at all, and vice versa.

Throughout the entire time, I learnt a lot from her.  Unfortunately these are what I can recall at hand, so I strongly urge you to go to your Estee Lauder counter, not just to claim your foundation freebies, but you will come back with a fruitful lesson.

Angela was out of samples with my original shades, so instead she gave me she gave me 2 other samples which are Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – Cool Vanilla, and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation – Beige 01.

Estee Lauder Double Wear – Cool Vanilla

I don’t really know how to say this.  This came off as a correct shade, but somehow it’s too “white” on my face.  It is extremely close to my Shiseido Refining Foundation – O20.  But with this being so cool, you really have to apply your techniques right so it doesn’t overpower.  And this Cool Vanilla, it makes your blush really stand out, like you’re painting on a white canvas.  I kept comparing it with my neck but they match!  I guess if you’ve gotten something cooler than your actual tone, you have to control the amount properly.

It is really long lasting though, I wore it 8 hours into the day and it did not make my face oily even after long hours of wearing it.  It’s a very nice medium coverage.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation in Beige 01

I finally wore this yesterday (because I didn’t go out over the weekends, LOL).  Due to the shade given, it appeared warmer.  But I did not have the necessary tools (foundation brush, sponge etc) to apply it so I had to deal with my fingers.  Neither was my room properly lit but overall, it appeared nice and natural.  I even began to wonder if I should start wearing this as my shade.  Double Wear Light is supposedly the lighter version of Double Wear (duh), and it would be more suited for people who wish for lighter coverage or has oilier face.  However, it was my mistake, I forgot to powder and my face started to feel oily 5hrs +/- after application.

Sorry I could not get a real swatch on my face, as the lightings lately (with the rain and all that) have been bad, it would serve no purpose as my camera won’t be able to capture the difference.

Conclusion :

Again, thanks for the beautiful tips from Ms. Angela.  I am actually secretly falling in love with this foundation.  And what more to say, I am so hungrily eyeing at it’s Matte Perfecting Primer.  It just has such a nice smooth touch to prep your foundation next.  I also can’t wait to get their Translucent Powder. (See?  It’s that easy to get me to be your customer.)  Estee Lauder also has a makeup base which has corrective elements (purple colour), it appeared too white-ish on me as I generally do not have problematic skin, but for those who are bothered with acnes and blemishes, this would provide good base coverage.  

I guess what’s the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt is that I’m of neutral-warm tone, and match your blush with your lipstick.  It was indeed, something that was never taught to me.

I strongly urge your to get to your Estee Lauder counter to gain all these fantastic knowledge, and claim your samples before it expires.  If not, go on and check out Estee Lauder’s techniques and philosophies on their site.

Thank you, that is all.

Online Shopping Hauls

Geez!  I actually had RM10++ short of RM400 worth of online orders arriving at my office today!

I need an intervention, no?

What’s unusual is the products I bought from a website that sells sample sized products.  I bought a little bit just to test how reliable this site is.  It seems legit.

Postal Address : checked.

Proper Invoice : checked.

Time of delivery  and email communication : prompt and on time.

Left – Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 30ml – RM16.00
Right – Sisley Phyto Blanc Lightening Cleansing Milk 30ml – RM32.00
Postage – RM10.00


You know it, reviews coming soon!