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Review : Bio-Essence ATP V Face Series

Hello guys,

Hope by now you are used to my inconsistent updates.  This product series have been parked in my to-do-list for ages and I have never seemed to get about doing it.  Well, here it is.  Calling out to Guardian and Watsons shoppers, I hope you read this cause this will be a very good heads-up.

Bio-Essence ATP V Face Series

Bio-Essence ATP V Face Series

To make this review really straight forward, I’mma review the products one by one and tell you where your money is worth, cutting out the sentimental crap.  I know, it’s crazy, it seems like I am adopting the full series as my main facial regime but I can tell you, it is not.  So I will now set myself a goal to post up a youtube video on my facial regime.  Now that it’s said, I need to keep my promises.  So keep watching this space, there’s much to come!

Bio-Essence Deep Cleansing Milk With ATP

Bio-Essence Deep Cleansing Milk With ATP

Bio-Essence Deep Cleansing Milk With ATP

By normal consensus milk cleansers serve as a makeup remover, and yet I truly believe, and always stress on the importance of using milk cleanser before washing your face, to get rid of your make-up, and dirt/dust accumulated over a day of fieldwork.  Now this Bio-Essence Deep Cleansing Milk has been my choice of cleanser for the past 1 year because, no. 1) it is economical compared to other milk cleansers from Eucerin, Loreal etc.  It is about RM20++.  And it lasts for a decent long time.  Related Post Here.

Now, the efficacy and the experience :

In terms of efficacy, defined as how much dirt is gotten rid of by how much stain is shown on the cotton pad.  With my previous Body Shop Seaweed Cleansing Milk, Bio-Essence Cleansing Milk fares at best as average in terms of dirt/dust removal, I have already made comparisons between the two in the related post.  First of all, the texture has a cream like thickness.  So when you dispense the product onto your cotton pad and start swiping away on your face, by 1st count you will see stains on your cotton pad.  But it may not mean that your face is totally cleansed, because the viscosity is so cream-thick, sometimes I wonder am I actually rubbing the creamy product into my pores n what not.


It is worth a buy because it’s economical.  And because you will be washing your face afterwards with a proper cleanser (Double Cleansing) so you can let that flaw mentioned above skipped.

So my verdict is : BUY.

Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence With ATP

Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence With ATP

Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence With ATP

I actually, love this product.  It is so practical.  But my usage for this product is completely different than it is intended.  I first was exposed to this product when I was in GZ with my sis and I saw a bottle on her shelf.  Curious, I used it and the substance is oily, but it was the turn of winter at that point so it actually felt really good after the oily-residue dries up.  However, when I come back to Malaysia, I knew in my guts that this would not work on my face.  So, what do I do with it?  I use it on my neck!  I do neck lifting massage every day and night so this serves just right for my purpose.  Just half a pump is literally more than enough for half of your neck, and this provides the lubrication needed in lifting massage.  Anything less you are dragging and tugging the skin which may cause the opposite effect of lifting.

Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence With ATP - The texture, oily and lubricating.

Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence With ATP – The texture, oily and lubricating.

The Verdict

If you do neck lifting massage and you need an oily product for lubrication, this is it.  It is not too expensive, probably priced between RM50++ to RM80++.  I can’t remember.  Half a pump is more than enough for half of your neck, and lubrication goes on long enough for the repetition needed in neck lifting massage.

Use it for Face? – Don’t Buy.  Unless you have super dry skin in winter.

Use it for Massage?  BUY.  A little goes a long way, so practical so beautiful.

Bio-Cell Repair Rejuvenating Serum

Bio-Cell Repair Rejuvenating Serum

Bio-Cell Repair Rejuvenating Serum

I bought this product because I was slowly getting sucked into Bio-Essence.  And I was also running out of a hydrating serum/essence before my moisturiser.  So, owning already the essence, and they are paired in Bio-Essence Skincare Program, it only made sense this would be my choice of hydrating essence, before moisturiser.

The Experience

Bio-Cell Repair Rejuvenating Serum - The Texture

Bio-Cell Repair Rejuvenating Serum – The Texture

I’m telling you, this product, it never runs out!  It’s bizarre.  Everyday, half a pump it’s enough to spread across the whole face.  It’s so easily spreadable.  But this product is practically useless.  It does nothing, there’s no improvement in hydration, not to even mention any of its cell repairing benefits so it claims, or any rejuvenation in my skin.  And since no benefits are seen after 5 mths use, I wonder if it’s just butylene glycol and some petroleum based ingredient in it.  I bought it in early November, and until this day, it’s not finished yet!  And I was using it day and night.  I didn’t like the product so I just wanted to quickly finish it, get over it, so I can buy my next obsession.  But it just never finishes.  Finally fed up, now I use this on my neck too.  Haha, man, pampered neck.

The Verdict 


Bio-Cell Repair Rejuvenating Serum

Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream with Pine Pollen

The Experience

I initially bought it for, really, my neck.  Since my neck is not prone to any break outs, I was looking for a moisturising cream, to keep my neck lines in check.  It wasn’t too expensive.  So I guess it serves to purpose, minimizing and diminishing fine lines.  The cream is really heavy, really really heavy, reminds me of the older facial creams in the early 90s.  And the cream doesn’t spread too well.  The cream is so heavy, acne-break outs are pretty inevitable.

Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream - The Texture.  The Spatula is not provided in the package.

Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream – The Texture. The Spatula is not provided in the package.

The Verdict

Super Dry Skin and you want a slim face – BUY.

Need a heavy cream for your neck creases – BUY.

And last but not least, my most neglected product on the shelf :

Bio-Essence Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask

Bio-Essence Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask

Bio-Essence Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask

The Experience

I got this as a hand-me-down from my sister.  As a sleeping mask, I don’t particularly like it.  It the feel of a layer of wax across the face.  Given time the sensation would go away.  And the next morning you do wake up with a hydrated and brightened face.  So, it’s a nice product, minus the waxy feeling on your face.

The Verdict

And if you can look past that flaw, and you just want the hydration and supple skin the next morning, you can definitely try this.  BUY.  But after trying for few days and you feel like you can’t get past that waxy feel, well my friend, that’s a huge jar to go.

*** Foot Note : Another promise out to y’all, since now you know I use 3 products on my neck alone, I will post up a video on how to achieve V Shaped Face.  Keep this space watched!

The Complete Cleansing Ritual

It’s always good to be back home.  Especially when my disappearance from home is about a week, always.  And when I’m back, I would inaugurate a whole seek and destroy regime to make sure

Palmolive Naturals Invigorating Liquid Hand Wash 250ml

Palmolive Naturals Invigorating Liquid Hand Wash 250ml

I first wash my hands well and thoroughly for >30seconds or more.  Any soap dispenser would do.  I don’t believe in the anti bacterial sanitizing shit.  Good ol’ proper OCD procedure to get your hands, CLEANSED.

Bio-Essence Cleansing Milk & L'oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Bio-Essence Cleansing Milk & L’oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Only when the hands are clean enough to touch the face, then the proper facial cleansing regime begins.  I start with an L’oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover to remove my mascara.   I am using L’oreal cause I am trying to help my mom finish that tiny winy bit of it left.  I then used Bio-Essence to remove the makeup on my face.  1 cotton pad, 2 cotton pad, still not enough.  Well I guess we need a higher being in charge from here.

The Holy Trio.

The Holy Trio.

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil is the most effective way of getting rid of all traces of makeup.  So I called in the God of High Heavens.  I rinsed my face first to get rid of the traces of the milk cleanser n what not.  Toweled my face dry, I then rubbed 2 pumps of it and generously apply all over my face, rubbing the product across my face over and over again.  Until I felt my palm warming up a lil bit and that’s when I know it’s pretty much done, I rinse it off thoroughly with water, while again with a little bit of rubbing motion to make sure all unwanted excess are out of the way, out of my face!

Arrahan Lavendar Aroma Peeling Gel

Arrahan Lavendar Aroma Peeling Gel

Towel-patted my face dry, now I moved on to Peeling Gel.  For those with Sensitive skin, please do not use it more than once a week.  Twice a week for normal skin.  Sorry, I just have to stress this cause the face is oh so gloriously brightened you just can’t help and wished you could do this every 1hr!

Technique is important too.  ONLY USE LAST 3 OF YOUR FINGERS to rub the product across the face, put enough pressure just to keep it going.  Focus on the areas where you notice more debris (dead skins) are coming off, rubbing gently in circular motion, alternate with zig-zag motion at rougher patches.  Whole process should NOT last more than 2 minutes.  2 min TOPS, MAX, STOP.

After that, rinse, everything off, and you’ll notice how much “thinner” your skin gets and how much brightened your face is.  Of course, there will be bound to be areas where there’s bits of redness due to your sensitivity.  But fear not, after the whole regime is done, use some anti-sensitivity serum or calming agent to apply it, it will be fine after that.

Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser (combination to oily)

Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser (combination to oily)

Lastly, My Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser – for combi/oily skin.  The gel texture is always so cooling and smooth and it has really gentle almost melt-able microbeads in it.  I use this as my final wash to wash off all traces of everything left, chemicals left from peeling gel, and what not.

So That’s it.  I would then proceed on with my usual regime of serum-essence-night cream-sleeping mask.

And the next day, I would wake up, wash my face clean, and apply my Algae Purifying Mask that I keep in the fridge, for 30 minutes.  With that night, my favourite Q10+Royal Jelly Double Lifting Mask follows through to hush at my face and goes… “it’s alright now… we are good now… your face is stripped clean and rejuvenated now…”

And my soul, is purified.


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On The Topic of Makeup Removal

Heyo, I know Halloween is over by now, and it’s no hard feat to find your ways to make yourselves into scary ghouls.  Plenty of videos out there to show you the path of transformation to a zombie bride, glittering vampires, but have you seriously thought about the aftermath?  Ladies and gentlemen, it is mighty important that you strip off every trace of that makeup.  I know, you are lazy to remove it, washing face suffices.  But listen up and read on, this is your conscience speaking (in your mother’s tone).

I often talk to ladies about skincare, and I immensely enjoy the conversations when both have in depth knowledge about skincare and cosmetics.  But it always, DISAPPOINTS me when even for those who are so passionate about makeup, take makeup removing so lightly.  Yes, I get disappointed, really, the knowledge of your carelessness is that harsh on me.

Whether it’s on a normal day with or without makeup, you come home all tired (or drunk), please, seriously, deploy the step of makeup removal.

Why is makeup removal so important?

The revolution of skincare has begun from the basic 3 steps (cleanse-toner-moisturise) to crucial 4 steps (makeup removal-cleanse-toner-moisturise).  It is a MUST even if you hadn’t worn any makeup on your day out.  Reason being, it serves as a dirt/dust/makeup removal, and you shouldn’t rely on your cleansers to do that for you.  You MUST physically remove the dirt/makeup before you proceed on with cleansing.  If you skip this mighty important step, you would actually be rubbing the dirt/makeup into your pores when you’re washing your face.  And if that’s your constant habit, your face is in deep trouble.  Your pores would be clogged, nothing you apply herein onwards would be as well absorbed as it should be, hence, time x money x effort = waste, and then the dull face the dead skin cells and all the horror stories in facial halloween would come to life.

What are the makeup remover agents?

Cleansing Milk

This is so far my method all this while.  The common method is to pump that cleansing milk onto a cotton pad and start wiping makeup off your face.  And listen to me young ladies or i’ll pull your ears, you do this until nothing shows on the cotton pad no matter how many it takes.  I would even use up to 3 cotton pads on a day w/o makeup!  Yup, I’m industrious that way, deal w’ it futhamuckas.  Plus with cleansing milk, it’s the most gentle method and most suitable to sensitive skin.

What am I using, and have tried?

Bodyshop Seaweed Purifying Cleansing Milk – This is probably the strongest cleansing milk I’ve ever used.  I keep telling myself to stop purchasing this product but one way or another, when I run out whilst traveling, I go back to Bodyshop (member card discount).  You can go on with 4-5 cotton pads and you still find traces of dirt on the cotton pads.  Serves the purpose but quite irritant, it stings your face and leaves the sensitive spots reddish.

Bio-Essence Deep Cleansing Milk  with ATP – Good for the money.  Gentle on the skin.  Viscosity is on the thicker end like most of their products.  Doesn’t remove dirt as well as Bodyshop one, but a bottle does go a long way.

L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Gentle Cleansing Milk – It passes.  Serves the purpose, removes satisfactorily well.  Just don’t really like the oily layer it leaves on the skin after, and I don’t like Loreal (personal grudge, lol).

Eucerin Gentle Cleansing Milk – Meant for sensitive skin.  Price is higher than Bio-essence or Loreal.  It cleanses quite well as I remember, but again it leaves a slight sting after.

Lancome Galatee Confort Cleansing Milk – Of course it’s good.  Gentle, and it cleanses well, viscosity is fluid, no sting after.  But then, unless you have the money, you can do the review for me.

Makeup Remover Wipes

I have never trusted this method but I guess for some it works.  You probably have to do your own research in finding a trusted brand that doesn’t break you out.  I can no longer tell the difference between wet tissues/baby wipes/feminine wipes/makeup remover pads etc, (like, if i can use baby wipes in the bathroom, can I bring out feminine wipes at dinners?)  Just make sure it is fragrance free, it doesn’t break you out and it SERVES the purpose, getting that seed of evil like holy water!

Cleansing Water

I have just found out about this recently!  I’m telling you, I’m liking it.  But this is still a shortcut method.  This is what the counter girls would use on you before they demo any product on you.  This cleansing water is what they use to cleanse your face.  It can remove   eye/lips/face makeup.

Cleansing Water originated from fashion runway show in Paris where models have to change their makeups oh so many times in a show.  This was then invented as the most effective, safest, and gentlest to sensitive skin and for all skin types.  Eventually most brands adapted this product and you can find this in many lines.

It has a nice upward pump, you put a cotton pad on it and press it down.

Legend has it Bioderma was the inventor of cleansing water. I got this small bottle Bioderma Sebium, which is for oily/acne skin.

Although this is a quick way (lazy way) of removing makeup, I was told this doesn’t fully count as makeup removal.  Its cleansing ability still does not match those of cleansing milk or cleansing oil.  This brings me to the next topic.

Cleansing Oil

From what I’m told, this is actually the most effective cleansing method.  Cause only oil can get into every pore and dissolves all dirt/makeup and successfully, brings it out of your pores.  This is also an one-for-all method to remove makeup from lips/eyes/face.  So if you slather on paint (heavy makeup) on a night out, take 1-2 pumps out in your hands and just rub all over your face, you will see pretty soon the makeup is dissolved.  Just make sure you splash on enough water to remove all the oil (thus effectively carry away the unwanted particles), then you proceed with facial cleanser.

Last but not least, is lips makeup removal necessary?

Yes, it is.  Even though we usually have eaten away our lipsticks/lip balms and they seem to have disappeared, you still have to wipe your lips at your makeup removal regime.  Unseen by human eyes but they could be hiding in the crease on your lips, especially with the formula these days, everything’s either long-wear or long lasting.  If that’s not done properly, your lips will darken overtime.

There are many other organic methods such as using olive oil (extra virgin.. no?) as effective and probably healthier replacements.  Go on and explore what suits best for you.

Do share what’s your favorite product or what’s your usual regime!

Online Shopping Hauls

Geez!  I actually had RM10++ short of RM400 worth of online orders arriving at my office today!

I need an intervention, no?

What’s unusual is the products I bought from a website that sells sample sized products.  I bought a little bit just to test how reliable this site is.  It seems legit.

Postal Address : checked.

Proper Invoice : checked.

Time of delivery  and email communication : prompt and on time.

Left – Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 30ml – RM16.00
Right – Sisley Phyto Blanc Lightening Cleansing Milk 30ml – RM32.00
Postage – RM10.00


You know it, reviews coming soon!