camwhoring pics

The Make Up



What I Did :

1)  Primed my face with Mac Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage.

2)  Applied Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation with Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation Brush.

3)  Applied Bobbi Brown Corrector to conceal the dark circles with Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush.  With the same brush I applied Bobbi Brown Corrector to my eyelids as an eye primer.  Trust me it works great cause the texture is thick, doesn’t crease as easy and due to it’s thick texture it helps eyeshadows to sustain, and eyeliners too.

4)  With Empro Eyebrow Triangular Pencil I sculpted my brows, and there’s a big dent on my right brow cause this slick smarty pants decided to trim her already insufficient brows.  I really recommend this brand, and you can find them in Watsons/Sasa stores now.  My friends have switched from Estee Lauder eyebrow pencils (refillable) to this and I too find it to be way better than Lancome’s.  The brush is thick and luscious, blends the brows really well.  Pencil builds the colour up nice and evenly, less prone to mistakes as you can build up the intensity and it’s triangular shape really really helps a lot in sculpting your brows.  I honestly got mistaken as an makeup artist cause my brows were so well done, like a steak.

5)  Applied Bobbi Brown Blush in Apricot.  What I did was different, I did not apply directly on the apples of the cheek.  The blush begins somewhere a finger below where my eyebags end, start from the mid section of your cheeks (am I explaining correctly?) to the hairline.  Instead of sweeping hard across, I pat on with the brush.  The days of sweeping blush is over.  That way, with the patting method, the blush appears more rounded and not a definite line along the cheeks, neither “the apple of the cheeks” look that just seem off when your smiles drop.  Pat as the lights go.  You will look natural at all angles.

6)  Then, sculpt the cheeks with Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, start heavy along the hairline and move inward following the cheeks.  Again, do not sweep harshly.  What I did was I followed the cheeks guided by the lights, and sweep upwards along the shape of the cheeks.  Once nicely sculpted, blend it out so it doesn’t look too harsh or you’ll look like an 80s glamour shot.

7)  Powder the face with Shiseido Translucent Powder.  It’s not the best powder but it’s what I have.

8)  Highlighted my cheekbones and my browbones with Nature Republic 4D Powder.  This product has such nice highlighting function and it’s matte in its highlighting, creating a beautiful look of naturally contoured face, bringing the cheekbones up.

9)  With matte highlighter as base, I applied a light touch of ZA Cheeks Groovy in 05 June Bride along my cheek bones, brow bones and nose bridge.  It is such a nice subtle shimmer in white, so beautiful in highlighting and capturing the lights.  I really recommend in investing in one.  Brings your makeup to life.

10)  To the eyes, I used only 2 tones of colour.  First was a touch of light pink from Diorshow Makeup Palette for Eyes and Lips – 001 Daylight Madonna.  Contour the eyelids with Racy Kacy – Shady Lady by The Balm.  This helps the double eyelids to stand out.  Top the inner corner of the eyelids and bottom waterlines with champagne shade Envious Erin from the same palette. This is by the instruction of mum’s, she still thought I looked plain without eye makeup.

11)  I then lined my eyes with Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Caviar with my Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush.  It doesn’t require too much and it doesn’t look too harsh (or boring) as jet black liners do.

12)  Moistened up the lips with a lip balm (consider how thirsty and hungry I was then) and applied with a matte light pink lipstick.  Remember your lip colour should go hand in hand with your cheeks.  Too many colours if your cheeks are pink toned and your lips are nectar/peach.  Matte lipstick for a day look that’s easy on the eyes.

By now it’s over an hour dolling up and I can’t be bothered with Mascara.  So I camwhored in the car and thought I’d share.


It’s New Zealand – of Queenstown and Christchurch

Shotover Jet Queenstown

Shotover Jet Queenstown – It wasn’t so miserably “blue” as depicted in this pic, it was my cam… that cold hearted woman of mine.

Shotover Jet Queenstown



Queenstown - New Zealand





postcard perfection.

postcard perfection.

breath-- taaakkkinngg..


Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown New Zealand

a twist,

Francis Bacon.


Good Mask! My Scheming Masks 我的心机面膜

Here I am out of town again.  Without much entertainment, (actually, home or away) I frequently end up purchasing items that are not of immediate urgency.  Decided to pack light this trip, I brought along the travel trio pack of Biotherm Aquasource (This will be blogged about REAL SOON I promise), seriously forgotten about any serum/essence for the extra oomph.

Well, having not much to do my friend and I stepped into Watsons (again), and I bought myself 2 more masks from My Scheming!

1 I brought from home, 2 I just bought.

1 I brought from home, 2 I just bought.

They are each :

– My Scheming Pearl Whitening Mask (I’m getting curious about the effects of pearls, a lot of big cosmetic brands are listing or making it a key ingredient.)

– My Scheming Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask (This is more of what I like, logical, proven, and down to earth, no funky ingredients or sources that make u go, “eh?”)

– My Scheming Hyaluronan Acid + Sponge Cucumber Extract + Hydrating Silk Mask (Eh?)

So out of ’em three, I choose you, Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask.

For those who are more organic-conscious consumers, please note that  propylene glycol is the 2nd main ingredient.  I just noticed that.

For those who are more organic-conscious consumers, please note that propylene glycol is the 2nd main ingredient. I just noticed that.

Unlike the previous mask from My Scheming I posted, this has a different sheet.  It’s closer to a gel mask yet undoubtedly sheet (wait does it make sense?)  It kisses your skin perfectly, without lumps and bumps.

Can you see the oh-so-smoothness just sticks and kisses my face? Loving it!

Can you see the oh-so-smoothness just sticks and kisses my face? Loving it!

I put this on for 30 minutes, as usual.  One thing you might like to consider is the air-conditioner, as it dries up the mask faster than it should.  Better to have all the juicy essence be absorbed to your skin than let that stupid air-con to dry up your mask.

How did the result do?

The result was as expected, skin is brightened up.  Hydrated, from the inside.  It’s strange, somehow you can just see that the hydration comes from the inside.  Pretty cool isn’t it?

This is the result after 30 minutes of mask application.

This is the result after 30 minutes of mask application.

It doesn’t leave a layer of wax or melted kitchen wrap on your face like the previous Skinfood mask.You tap the remaining essence into your skin lightlly, and apply the remaining essence in the wrapper on your necks, collars, decollete if you will!


Beautiful.  Never falls below expectation.  As usual it delivers the 3 promises of Moisturization, Hydration and Brightening Effect.

So ladies, please head on down to Watsons and hoard up on those My Scheming Masks like they are the most nutritious can food for you to survive an apocalypse cause it’s going on Sales!  2 Masks for RM10.35 on the dot.

Man, year end sales is fun.

What’s your look today?

Objective today is to achieve a Professional Corporate Day Look.  Tutorials coming up soon.

And to be fair, I used ZA True White Plus Liquid Foundation today!

Tutorial will include how to go from looking like cement –

cement colored zombie that her natural habitat does not include sleeping.

to this –

Zombie goes out on Halloween


Zombie’s Corporate costume on Halloween