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Review : Biotherm WHITE D-TOX BB Cream

Finally, the quest for the ultimate BB cream is over, time to kiss goodbye.  This quest has required patience, many misses (wastage), precious money spent, and man, am I glad to declare it over.  “We are bringing our boys home,” says The President.

It took me 2 months of waiting to get my hands on this BB Cream, while there are Biotherm counters everywhere, but I had tried, and convinced of this BB Cream at a specific counter in one of my outstation travels.  The fact I have been in sales all my life, it’s a matter of principle that I reward the purchase to the one that convinced me.

These principles would soon be the death of me one day, sigh.


What draws me to this BB Cream is its oil-free formula.  As most BB creams can definitely punch in day long hydration, sun protection and skin tone evenness, it’s hard to see a BB cream claims itself to be OIL-FREE.  This BB Cream’s priced at RM140 for a mere 30ml, price is a lil steep I’d say.  Consider the fact that my work requires outdoor fieldwork and that I’d doubt if this RM140 would last over a month.


The Experience

I had taken an instant liking to this BB cream immediately and reaffirmed after purchasing it.  Why?  The oil control is amazing and unbelievable!  From 9am until 10pm I didn’t have shine on my face, I didn’t have the need the blot, I didn’t feel oily on my face, all under the challenges of hot humid weather.  I never had a foundation/face base that ever offers such excellent oil-control.  I did powder over it with my Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder but I find this loose powder’s oil-control ability a crying shame so I give the BB cream the full credit to my total shine-free face.  I’m sure oily-skin folks know what I’m talking about when throughout mid day you wipe your face with fingers/hands, in the effort of physically removing the layer of oil on the surface of your face.



There is a special technique required to apply this BB cream from Biotherm in order to achieve the most natural effect.  As I was taught, you are to pat the BB cream gently across the face.  I’ve yet to fully master this technique.  With given time… with given time.



The only problem I have is it’s too fair for my skin.  After careful examination, I find it carries pink undertone.  I experimented with different amounts and resulted the same.  It is glaringly obvious my face is a solid shade fairer than my neck, and I am usually light shade.  I mean, being the cheapskate that I am, this BB cream is just far too precious and expensive for me to liberally apply over my neck.  So yeah, how does a cheapskate do it?  I use my ZA True White Liquid Foundation on my neck.  Hah!  My secret joy of finding a discount!


The Verdict

  • Extremely good oil-control
  • Pink undertone, may not suit all skin tone despite your shades.
  • Pricey for only 30ml content.

The Conclusion

This seems to be the conclusion I have for every episode of my reviews.  if you don’t have oily-skin issue, you don’t have to resort to this unless you take a fancy in the shade.  The world of skincare seems tipped on the side of dry skin people.  If you have dry skin, many drug store brands offer fantastic and natural coverage whilst delivering moisture to your skin, e.g. Freshel BB Cream, Kate BB Gel Cream, and what not.  World is doing you a favour, dry skin peeps.


Review : KATE BB Gel Cream

Oh, the money I  waste invest to satisfy my curiousity.

Today I”m gonna be touching on this BB cream from Kate, which in all honesty, was actually not bad!

Kate BB Gel Cream

Kate BB Gel Cream

I swear I must have been in Sasa few times to test all the range of shades, it comes 3 shades, 1 being the lightest.  And it was hard to determine what was right because seriously, this BB cream does look that natural.  More over, it doesn’t have the repulsive ashy beige shade that typical BB creams come in.  And hey, it says Gel cream!  So I was putting all my hopes on this, finally something more suitable for oily face.

So after much of testing, I finally grabbed one in Shade 1, cause I had a week long meeting  in Jan and I just wanted something that doesn’t require my OCD precision of foundation application.

Kate BB Gel Cream - Shade 1

Kate BB Gel Cream – Shade 1

The Experience

In truth, I actually liked it.  It evens out the your skin tone, and brightens up your face, whilst it doesn’t look like you have anything on.  It really achieves a natural look, albeit it got oily within 3-4hrs in an air condition room.  But, the downside is that, I got break outs from it 😦

For that couple of days, I thought it was stress induced but then I am … literally as said, the control group, that the factor of pimple popping is controlled, so the only chance for pimples to occur is when an adverse event occurs.  And in this case, it is this.

Refusing to be judgemental, I gave it a wash out period of 1 week after the meeting.  I used the BB cream again and immediately I got 2 pimples on that day.

The Verdict


–  really natural

–  nice and natural skin brightening effect

– matches your skin tone perfectly even in different shades


– it broke me out, then again it’s just me. but you are welcome to try though!

– slightly on the oily side for the oily skin.

*Edit :  Just in case someone reads japanese.  LOL.

Kate BB Gel Cream - Label

Kate BB Gel Cream – Label

Review – Bio-Essence Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++

Curiousity oh curiousity, why do you burn me with desires?

Ever since the birth of Ponds And Leaves, I’ve been told bout the convenience and all the wonderful usefulness of BB Creams.  At the peak of the whole hype few years ago, I did try once but it was just … really bad.  It costed over RM100, bad oil-control, colours didn’t look right, etc.  I never looked back since.  But curiousity got the better of me, more over this month, is a sinful, enticing month, everywhere I go it says Sales! all over.

So whilst away in another city alone, I walked around the little town with a hunger to kill, and wandered into Guardian store (Where’s the flipping connection here??!”)

From an initial intention to just BUY WHAT’S NEEDED, grabbing the Q-Tips, cotton pads and all, I got the BB Cream – Bio-essence Multi Effect BB Cream.  It just happened.  I just grabbed it, and bought it.  My guess is it’s been parading itself along with the sisters (the other BB creams) everytime I step into one of these drugstores.

Bio-essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25PA++

Bio-essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25PA++

(Sorry, I forgot to snap a pic of my own)

It was actually a wonderful opportunity to test the product out, as when I’m away in other towns I work by foot, walking from 1 retail to another in the hottest sun, by the traffic, the fumes, the humidity… PERFECT condition to test a product out.

Alas, without much luck, I don’t like the product at all.  The product comes out to be the colour of ash beige, if there’s ever such a colour.

This photo compliments the colour a little.  The actual colour is duller than this.

This photo compliments the colour a little. The actual colour is duller than this.

Though the colour is darker than my real skin tone but it’s easily blendable.  But once blended, I realized how much work was needed!  Because the colour turns out to be so flat, and downright ASHY.  I never felt I needed blush more.  It was just really flat, takes away the natural glow on the face.  The whole face is just a flat ash beige.


Here is a comparison photo.  With and without.

Here is a comparison photo.
With and without, especially noticeable on the forehead. 

The light does not reflect off where it should be, losing my skin’s natural glow.  You know how you get that natural glow when your face is all cleansed and prepped?  Yeah, it’s gone.  Neither does this BB cream even out the dark circles.

With - Bio-essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25PA++

(With) Bio-essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25PA++

And… this is the WORST part, it brings out the bumpiness of my skin texture.  Yes, my flaws are there, that is why I buy products to conceal/even out the imperfections.  Whilst my pores are noticeable naturally, with the BB cream applied, it makes the whole face BUMPY.  I hope this picture shows the 2-dimensional of flat-ash I was talking about.

(without) - Bio-essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25PA++

(without) – Bio-essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream SPF25PA++

Whilst the naked skin has its flaws, but they exist in a natural state without calling for attention.  Also you can see the lights bounce off the skin on the naked skin.  It just has more life to it, you know?

The Verdict?

1)  Does it give luminous glow?  no.  The walkers from The Walking Dead have better  skintone than this.  I never felt blush as a “strong need” until I applied this.

2)  Does it even out the skin tone?  no.  It shouldn’t be done this way.  I still needed to conceal eye bags with a corrector.

3)  Does it cover up the imperfections and give you flawless skin?  HELL NO, SO MUCH THE OPPOSITE, REALLY.

4) Does it give a matte finish?  I’m asking myself silly questions. no no no no no, you don’t ash someone in the face and call it matte.

5) Does it last?  Okay given the credit it did last after all the sun, the sweat, the traffic and the humidity.  But once back in the hotel, all I wanted to do was to get rid of the makeup and let my skin breathe.

6) Ratings?  1/5.  0.5 for benefit of the doubt, 0.5 for not melting away.

But this is my sole experience alone, if you had great results with this, or you think BB cream is still worth a battle to fight, Do share!