The Purposes We Serve

This page is created out of sheer intensity of, what I suspect, to be an incurable fixation of skincare, cosmetics, shoes, bags, fashion etc, basically all that for over a century, have mutated women into insatiable genetically modified consumers. Heh.And I’m proud to be one. Check it.

Without further ado, this page serves a few key objectives :

1) We aim to help women with various skin types, dry/acne prone, dry/sensitive, dry/combi, normal, normal/combi, combo/oily, oily/acne prone and all yet to be identified to hunt for the right products, from drug store to big brands. In this aspect, we are your 80% qualified personal financial consultant.
2) I forgot to add this.  It is so important to note this.  Most companies make products and call them “tested or, designed on asian skins”  I find that too loose of a statement.  You can never compare South East Asians, We Malaysians, Indonesians, Singaporeans, Philipinos, skins to be of equivalent of Koreans or Japanese, maybe some, but I can safely say it’s non-comparable at all.  Koreans and Japanese have completely different type of skin, with completely opposite diet, lifestyle, climate etc.  For an ordinary Malaysian to dream of having the skin of a Korean, is like a typical chinese lady wishing to have the lashes of an Arab.  And most companies aren’t really successful at creating a line so specific to South East Asians, where humidity and sun predominantly rule our realm.  Black/white heads are normal occurrence.
I often wonder when a caucasian woman claims her face to be “gosh it’s so oily”, what’s her reference of oiliness.  My facial oil sebum is like an infinite natural resource of petroleum you can host tupperware parties off my face after every 6pm.  (get it get it?  LOL)
So this makes a MAJOR FACTOR to consider when we review a line of products.
3) Sharing Arena : Solutions/methods/programs offered to the specific problems of any users, by the author, members, and virtually, anyone. Unilateral communication y’all.
4) Product Reviews : This breaks down to 2 categories : self initiated, and featured review.
5) Commercials and Trades : Those who wish to advertise their products may do so in this page, but it must be done with the permission, authorization and moderation of the author. Everything that happens between the seller and the buyer, shall remain between the two. Shall there be a complaint from an unauthentic seller that host on my page, email me with the specific conditions and I’d kick his/her bum off the orbit and to the sun.I am sure the rules and regulations will grow and expand along with the page, but for now, so long. Now flipping LIKE this page!xoxo


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