Being Free

When I started this blog, I have promised that this will completely not contain anything personal.  Other than the purpose, this blog was a mean of escape from the burgeoning confines of internal process.  That is always the journey of a writer, from the first burst of joy in expressing soulful internalization but eventually swollen by endless thought process that feeds the mechanism of political poetry, not much of any meaningful help in real life.

Nonetheless, I’m not writing about products today.  Today’s post will be less oriented, lets breathe a little life into this blog.

The past three weeks have been nothing short of eventful.  I have resigned from a job of past 3++ years from a Mega MNC, something that I have gained so much familiarity.  I took up the challenge of an Area Sales Manager with a new startup SME.  It all happened so quickly.  I interviewed, verbally agreed, waited for the offer letter so anxiously and evoked so much speculations and uncertainty, accepted the offer, resigned from my post, had some very heart-warmingly heart breaking moments with my former colleagues, and along with truly upsetting heart breaking moments with my former  boss .   When I accepted the job offer, I decided to bury the hatchet and be peace with whatever happened with my previous work, but soon that vanquished.  The only closure was such.  A rude awakening, I do not smack myself for being a fool, placing my trust in the most undesirable type of garbage, neither do I blame the garbage.  Acceptance is the only coming of time.

The whole new environment and culture is a frightening and an exciting one.  Not that my current employers have fangs and speak in tongue but I walked out of a truly loving environment with my ex-colleagues.  Now that I am on my own, the only tactic is to remain calm and be objective minded about things.  No good or bad event is personal.  All in a day’s work.

The whole sense of ownership changed dramatically.  Hope this is not just the initial honeymoon phase of “I wanna be the best that I can be”.  But enough said, we will look back 3 months in, 6 months in, 1 year in, 3 years in.

14th of the month and I am already 5k in deficit, and this is not the end of it.  Financial difficulties are always so depressing but I digress.

Digressing, that’s the key to life, just like breathing.  Not an exaggerated matter or state, nor a method of life, but simply, breathe.

Also not sitting on thoughts for too long.  Long showers are nice but also burdening.  Plus I am abusing the facilities in Starbucks.  See you at the next post, mean time, power to you.

Oh also!  I was in Sephora for more than half an hour and first time ever I didn’t get anything!  That is crazy amazing.  Does the pope go to church or what?  Apparently not this time!

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