Post Review : Atopiclair Cream

Heyo, this is gonna be a fairly short post.  A little correction is needed in my previous post on The Atopiclair Cream.

After being sampled a few sachets, I then got myself a commercial tube of Atopiclair Cream 40g.  It comes compact in a small metal tube.  Whilst previously I was attacked by acute dry skin, this bout I was victimized by the insane heat in the past few weeks.  My skin was breaking out everyday, heat rash recurring every few hours, itches flaring up every blink of an eye, I was always holding the wheel on one hand and scratching on the other.  I had… no peace.

Having properly acquired the commercial product, I then get a better taste of it so here I would like to make some correction.  In my previous post, I said that there is a hinge of oiliness where as in actual fact, there is NONE.  The cream is actually such a dry cream, not lubricative at all, as in, it’s not even emollient enough to massage over your skin twice.  So that’s one that I would like to clarify, but everything else stays correct in terms of its ingredients, mode of actions, efficacy and its claims.

And second of it all, I had used it the wrong way totally.  I had used it in the way you would a normal moisturiser, hah!  The horror, that’s completely wrong.  It is to be used like a medicated cream (except it’s not), that you only dot and rub on the rashes or the allergy spots.  I rubbed it all over my legs.  No wonder it is so.. “dry”.

Just to reinforce the messages again, if you suffer from atopic dermatitis or eczema and you don’t think it’s severe enough, or you try to avoid the usage of corticorsteriods, Atopiclair Cream is a really genuine product with organic ingredients as a holistic treatment as compared to Corticosteroids (if that’s not your cup of tea).  Even if the severity escalates, you can use in conjunction with corticorsteroids.  Just make sure, you wash your hands thoroughly if you ever touch corticorsteroids.

That is all.

Atopiclair Lotion - Sampler

Atopiclair Lotion – Sampler


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