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Review : Garden of Eden Age Defense Serum

Oh boy Oh boy!  I am so excited about this serum!  And I told myself, If i don’t do it now and postpone the review on this blog.  I will set my hair on fire, not.

But truly truly I so very excite!  First of all, what pegged my interest in this is … wait for it… wait for it…  It’s a Malaysian made product!!  Sold in Guardians, pharmacies and I believe Watsons too.

Garden of Eden - Age Defense Serum

Garden of Eden – Age Defense Serum

The Reason is I get super excited when I see a Malaysian Made Product that is truly genuine.  It is manufactured in Malaysia, by Maxwell Pharmacy Sdn Bhd.

So having way too much available time, I study every single product there is on the shelf.  I do this weekly, twice a week sometimes.  Depending on where I am.  So I chanced upon this product and it pegged my curiousity.

Without much babbling..

The Claims


– Fights Skin aging

– Promotes Youthful & Healthy Skin

– Moisturizes and firms skin

The Description

An elixir of 100% pure Grape Seed Oil and natural vitamin E in a powerful anti-aging formulation specially blended to fight permature aging and to promote & maintain youthful skin.  These poten antioxidants effectively neutralize free radicals & are valuable sources of skin nutrients.  Combined they make Grape E a great anti-aging serum effectively protecting the skin, firming it and slowing down signs of aging.  Thanks to its natural affinity to the skin, it penetrates quickly into the skin with non-greasy after feel.  Suitable for sensitive skin.

Expected Results

  • Immediately, skin’s texture is refined and softer to the touch. 
  • Day after day, skin is smoother, more youthful and healthy looking.

Now, The Ingredients :

Grape Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Grapefruit Essential oil and Medium-chain Triglycerides.

Note : Natural Vitamin E is 36% more potent and better absorbed than Synthetic Vitamin E.

My Thoughts

Garden of Eden - Age Defense Serum

Garden of Eden – Age Defense Serum

This is what I”m so impressed with, it’s very simple.  The marketing message tallies with the right group of audience, which are people like me, late 20s-early 30s, who want to defy the first sign of aging.  That is why hardcore products from Estee Lauder or Lancome may not work for us, cause they are for matured skin type, these products hype up the cells.  We don’t need that.  We need good proven anti oxidants, massacre ’em free radicals.  That’s what is really appropriate for us in our late 20s-early 30s.

And the formula’s so simple, Grapde Seed Oil, Natural Vit E, not synthetic ones! Grapefruit Essential Oil and Triglycerides! Triglycerides!  a form of fatty acid, better lipid absorption!

No chemical fillers, no paraben, no funny mumbo jumbo I don’t understand.  Oh yeah, because it’s free from everything, it’s suitable for sensitive skin too.

Even though it calls itself a serum, but it is actually the same as the new skincare fad, beauty oil.

Pump Application, now where's my lab coat?

Pump Application, now where’s my lab coat?

The Experience

Oh man, I use it so ever sparsely.  I watched a youtube video somewhere that deals with oil based serum like this, so the trick is to use only 3-5 drops (not pumps), dispense it on your fingers and rub til it’s warm, and glide them across your face.  I suggest maybe 3 drops across your face, and another 2 drops across your forehead.  Well, maybe I just have a huge forehead…. 

The Texture

The Texture – That’s 2 drops of the product.

2 droplets of product when rubbed.

2 droplets of product when rubbed.

The Conclusion

I’ve only used this product for the 2nd day, lets pray it doesn’t break me out.  I am fearful of oily substance like that.  But I think when used correctly and sparsely, it will be alright.  Do look it up, if you’re looking for the next product to step up on your usual 3 steps regime,  give this a go.  It’s priced at RM33.++ at 5ml.  If it fails, meh, I’ll just use it on my hands and see if my hands sparkle after the bottle.

Recommended : Dry-Combi, Normal Skin – Yes.  Combi-oily, Oily, Acne Prone – Nah, you have better priorities in your skincare treatment goals.

The Late Band Wagon – Review : Hada Labo ES Lotion (Sensitive Skin)

Hello, if I ever have a reader out there, I apologize for the posts are getting sparse in between.  I am simply… internet-less.  You wouldn’t have thought that, in this day and age, right?

Alas, it’s true… it’s true.  Having stable internet access is 2nd to having my slavery-salary in my bank account, almost that.

Yet, I shall not dread on the things irrelevant, focus, is the name of the game.


oh my god… i actually went off to browse memes pages.  I thought adults outgrow ADD!!!

Seriously, back to business.  Sigh…

I am sooooooo late for this Hada Labo band wagon, so late like you just don’t bother to get up anymore and sleep through it, call your boss again when you’re up.  I do that so often.  Ignore all calls, sleep at all costs!

I wanna rant about this whole silicone based serum business perpetuating all over our skincare.  I wanna rant about having Retinol-A based lotion/serum but never caution consumers that they are not suitable for day use.  I wanna rant about serums/essence/potions that have glycolic acid or other forms of AHA in their “renewing serum” or some other fancy terms but never caution the users about increased photo sensitivity.  Seriously, I frown upon these and it maddens me now as I’m laying it out in my head.  Thankfully I know enough to avoid them.  I am far from an expert, just an amateur enthusiast.

But recently as I’ve been hopping around products, I really like my softener and I think it’s a keeper, but I thought I needed a serum/essence that is stronger, day or night use.  Well, Estee Lauder n Lancome failed.  And I was left with no where to turn.  Checked out Origins Planscription Anti Aging Serum and no offence, the key ingredients make me puke.  No way am I gonna be paying that amount of money for something so mundane, it’s daylight robbery!  The website lists Glycerin, Dimethicone and African Anoegeissus Tree Bark Extract as Key Ingredients?  Come on, you gotta be kidding me.  What Extract is that?  Dubious at best!  Glycerin?  DIMETHICONE?  You call them KEY moisturizing agents?  And your only anti-aging anti-oxidant is a tree bark extract, unheard of but seen in some women in ulu village, without sufficient studies?  Don’t get me wrong, Gycerin is crucial in every single product, in every single formula.  Dimethicone is a good binding agent that is noncomedogenic, frequently found in many products, no effects in anti-aging but, harmless stuff.  My problem is with listing these 2 as the main ingredients and you call it an ANTI-AGING SERUM.  How does that suffice?  How does that qualify?

Too much’s been said, I raised my case.  Please prove me wrong, cause if you can come back with enough evidence to counter my boiled up self righteous rants, you are actually teaching me something, and my judgment may have been missed due to my ignorance.  But for now, Court shall proceed.

Another product that sparked my whole awareness with these fake claims, is Melaleuca Timeless Anti Aging Serum.  Again, this is a direct selling brand that harps on, lives and breathes on the claims that they are 100% organic, non toxic and all that jambo, words more pure than the virgin’s hole.  Sounds so flipping awesome right?  I placed an order for 2 immediately.

Wait, before that, lemme just show you how it’s PHRASED.  I’ll just do a cut-n-paste here :

“The cutting-edge ingredients in Timeless target tell-tale sun spots, discoloration, and uneven skin tone while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Stable antioxidant vitamins C and E and patented AHCare® replenish skin and encourage rapid cell turnover, decreasing the number, size, and intensity of dark spots for a luminous, even complexion.”

Well, sounds good right?  You can see where the claims r coming from, since it’s their unique AHCare Patent, you would associate AH with AHA, which is an exfoliant, kill the dead cells, with antioxidants like Vit C n E, they replenish skin, and the AHA (supposed) encourages rapid cell turnover.

There, I”m pretty much sold.  Guess they have the whole concept worked out.  Well again, if it’s true AHA containing serum, they failed to mention… or at least whisper in your ears… “hey… hey girl… don’t.. don’t use it in the morning”

But by the next page, the ingredients list…. W.O.F-FIN.A.H

Checkkit,  I don’t know 70% of what they are, but look look, within the first 3 lines, how many Dimethicone, or silicone based substance appeared, in just 3 F-FIN lines???  If it’s truly an AHA based anti-aging serum, I can only identify Lactic Acid here!  The rest of the things, all mumbo jumbos to me, I seriously don’t know what they are.  The au-naturale plant extracts, oh yeah, they do have, but all at the bottom of the lists.  Maybe I’m too ignorant to judge as I cannot factually identify the everything else that I don’t know.

REFERENCE be found here.

So if there’s ever a formulator/biochem engineer that would like to educate my half baked internet knowledge?  Please please come and educate me.

So much babbling as if I”m protesting on Occupy Wall Street, wait, is it still happening?  I just detest the fact that these companies put in so much silicone based deriatives which are basically fillers.  They fill out your pores, they fill out wrinkles.  And the texture of silicones feel good on your hands.  So when you apply it, of course you get an instant smoothen face, pores look smaller and all.  But that is all an illusion, and these big cosmeceutical companies harp and prey on the less exposed, consumers that go by brands/smell/feel/and advertising claims.  I think in the consumer demographic, an unworthy ingredient obsessed stalker like me are probably <10%, which is not enough for the tip of the critical mass.

These dimethicones n silicones fillers are great!  I hunt down products with their contents, but, as COSMETICS!!  Filling out wrinkles and pores temporarily is what COSMETICS do, not SKINCARE!  They are what I’d pay for a high price, which by the end of the day I triple cleanse them off my face!  Not what I go to bed with thinking, OH MY FACE IS SO SUPERCHARGED WITH AWESOMENESS RIGHT NOW.

THat’s it man… that’s it.  I’m f-fin sore from this verbal diarrhea.  Oh wait, I was supposed to do a revIEW on WHAT again???

Review : Hada Labo Retional Lifting + Firming Mask

Oh boy, it’s not gonna sound good.  I am gravely disappointed.  You could almost bet that it was a sure win.  So much so I had a legit plan laid out and this was gonna be a crucial part of my weekly treatment.

But it’s okay, I digress.

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Mask

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Mask

The Experience

Sorry, I’m gonna be downright harsh and say that this is disappointing!  This box comes in 4 pcs which is the most expensive set of masks amongst all the HADA LABO ranges, at RM49.90.  After much daunting my temptation and playing with my weakness for the curious, I thought of a brilliant plan, change my facial routine completely upside down, and incorporate this into this master plan of mine.

I will write about my seemingly brilliant plan in coming posts.

The Packaging : Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Mask

The Packaging : Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Mask

Hada Labo Retinol range hosts a series of genuine age fighting ingredients that strongly encouraged and gave me the ultimate confidence that this will definitely work.  I mean, retinol? SUPER HA???  COLLAGEN AND HYDROLYZED???  Come on!  If common sense isn’t enough proof, this is the official claim from their website :

  • Helps to rejuvenate skin cells to significantly improve skin’s elasticity and firmness.
  • Instantly smoothes skin’s surface to reveal healthy and youthful looking skin.
  • Skin PH balanced.  Low irritation.
  • Free of fragrances, mineral oil and colorant.

So, lets check on each of these claims.  But remember how I said Skinfood mask gave a sense of melted kitchen wrap over your face?  That’s it guys.  It was soooo sticky!  I laid in an air con room, had the mask on the 30 minutes.  Upon removal, both my hands were sticky and my face is so sticky.  I patted, patted and patted, hopefully this would go away, cause I really wanted it to work.  In the end, I gave up, I didn’t follow up with any of my serum because there was simply no way there could be anymore room for absorption.  Instead, I even had to use my day moisturiser (which has mattifying effect) to take away the stickiness.

Did my skin appear glowy, refreshed, brightened like other masks?  No.

So did I look younger instantaneously?  I didn’t expect it to and yeah, it didn’t.

Irritation?  Matter of fact, a lil bit!  My skin had it’s usual redness as a way of protesting against my experiments.

Was my skin smooth?  HOW CAN IT BE SMOOTH?  It’s so sticky!!  Ants would get themselves trapped if they crawled over my face in my sleep.  So, NO!

So seriously guys, I hope I don’t put you off with my two cents.  In any case I”m wrong, do let me know!  As for now, I stand… disappointed.


Review : SkinPeptoxyl Instant Soothing Bio-Cellulose Mask

Skin Peptoxyl Instant Soothing Bio-Cellulose Mask

Skin Peptoxyl Instant Soothing Bio-Cellulose Mask

Behold!  This is by far the most expensive mask I’ve bought, and it takes its winner spot for one of the most worthwhile purchase uncontested.   For this I would categorize in a different shelf from the common sheet masks that I review about.  For one, it is priced at RM110 @ 4pcs!  I got it on sales at Sasa for RM88++.  Secondly, I would view this as an actual treatment mask that does calm the skin and provides lasting effects that goes beyond “your skin looks bright right after”.  Those common sheet masks eg.  My Scheming Beauty Masks, they do provide all the brightening effects and hydration.  But this mask is different, here I will elaborate and tell you why.

The Claims

Before I delve into how this mask is such a big deal, let me just list out it’s claims as on the box.

  • Specially formulated for sensitive skin, powerfully soothes and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin, repairs weaken skin condition and upraises skin defense mechanism.
  • Fights against wrinkles and tightens skin while gently pampering the most sensitive skin
  • Improves skin elasticity by stimulating of collagen & elastin
  • Nanao structure of true skin-like bio-cellulose mask comfortably fits the skin and ensure deep penetration of the effective ingredients into dermal layer to deliver immediate effect.

That’s not all, the box label also nicely summarizes its Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces redness, inflammation and allergic reaction
  • Protects skin from damaging free radicals
  • Upraises skin’s own defense mechanism thus reducing sensitivity
  • Instantly nourishes, soothes and repairs sensitive and dry skin and stop irritation
  • Accelerates growth of collagen and elastin
  • Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines

Impressed yet?  Lets move on to the compositions.

Features and Benefits, and Key Ingredients.

Features and Benefits, and Key Ingredients.

The Ingredients

I remember when I was looking through the ingredients of this mask I yelped out “AH!  COPPER PEPTIDE!”  That’s right, Copper baby!  Copper is a powerful mineral helps to repairs your skin cells, and I guess that’s how they target their audience to those with sensitive skin.  That aside, when you read through the label, it has Aqua as its 1st ingredient and sodium hyaluronate as 2nd, Aloe Leaf Juice Extract as 3rd.  That fundamentals alone are enough for me.  Further down the list you get a handful of plant extracts, peptides, you get caffeine and you get zinc, and even urea!  With only 1 form of paraben which is methylparaben.

On the box,  these are the functions of the key ingredients as listed on the box :

  • Bis (Tripeptide-1) Copper Acetate – A key factor for stimulating growth of collagen and elastin, accelerating epidermis cell production and reparing skin barrier protection.  Promotes skin elasticity and prevent aging.
  • Beta-Glucan – Strong soothing power that helps to soothe sensitive skin and improve weaken condition.  Effectively boosts skin’s own defense mechanism to lower irritation.
  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate – Restrains the production of Tyrosinase for cell renewal, brightening effect and prevent allergy and inflammation
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Extract) – Ideal for soothing and recovering from signs of stress and damages by its healing power.

And the list goes on…

The Experience

First off, the word Bio-Cellulose in the label probably indicates that this mask is not of a sheet mask, it is more like a gel mask but MUCH thicker than a crystal mask, it actually has weight.  It has 2 layers of peels as you would with a typical gel mask, and it thins out as it dries on your face.  So in that aspect you can expect the nutritions to sip into your skin over time, so you know damn well, your skin is, recharged. Again, for something so nutritious, I leave it on for more 1 hour 15 minutes.

You can tell the mask is almost done by the way it dries up, this was about 50min into it.

You can tell the mask is almost done by the way it dries up, this was about 50min into it.

Second, I couldn’t pass on the ingredients.  They are just too good, and… clean.  There was nothing unnecessary packed in it.  It has Copper, a genuine active ingredient that does repair your skin barrier.  It is no doubt expensive but once I tried it I did not regret.  In fact, I am quite determined to incorporate it into my life long regime *ahem*… if i don’t get distracted that is.  I am so convinced by it’s efficacy that, I don’t just use the mask as and when I feel like, I actually have been using it EVERY MONDAY.  Since the box comes in 4 pieces and it is actually a treatment mask, not a self-pampering mask, I made it a point to use it every Monday so there’s consistency in the regime, ‘cept for the week I had my facial.

When you remove the mask, your face feels neither wet or damp, it is all absorbed.  The redness are reduced by a notch (I get red bumps that are neither pimples or blemishes due to weird sensitivities which I’ve yet to identify).  And this effect does carry on, skin is noticeably less irritated by all kinds of crap samples I tried.

And the lifting effect?  Yes.  I just saw myself in the mirror.  I usually sport a scrawny face but boy do I compulsively binge eat and CNY hasn’t been kind to me.  The pressure to finish mum’s food and the sweet treats, with God’s might I may tear down the toughest walls but I can’t resist ’em sweet munchies!  So there it goes, my face goes angular-round overnight.  But as I removed the mask just now, my face goes slim again, which was, amazing!  Because I wouldn’t have noticed it and seen the claim, normally.

The Verdict

Definitely will buy it again, if I still can find it.  I didn’t see it at the Sasa store I went to just now.  Also, of course as stated, if you have sensitive skin, this is definitely the right one for you.  And if you want a mask that goes beyond temporary skin brightening and hydration, this would be the mask to go.  I would also advice that you use it regularly on a once a week basis, not as and when you feel like.  Only thing to pay is, literally, the price.

Short Post : Advance Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Samples

Bought Matte Perfecting Primer (Will do a review on it soon) from the local Estee Lauder Counter in Parkson, I was given 5 sachets of this Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Samples.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Samples

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Samples

The lady told me that each sachet is equivalent to 1 actual pump, so it is in my duty to not just smear on “enough” but to empty out the whole content and rub/pat on your face until fully absorbed.

I did as told.  And JESUS!  I gotta tell you, much like most of the opinions on MAU, your skin is just oh, so beautiful the next day.  Now it’s beyond my limit to tell you how it achieves it but it is glorious healthy, glowly skin.  It’s beautiful.

But, after 2 sachets which I only use at night, I had pimples breaking out.  Okay, I stopped.  Then I thought, how about I skim on the serum and just use as “needed” instead of emptying the whole sachet.  1 more attempt by that method, my face just … started to have funny allergies/red dots/over the cheeks.

So, guess what, now this super duper uber crazy serum is now used on my neck.

Just my luck I guess, such beautiful serum, but just doesn’t work for me.  Same as Genifique from Lancome, that failed too.  Blemishes popped out all over my face and it took three 2-weeks interval facials to finally get rid of everything brewing under my skin.  And I only used that for 6 days.


Two star products from reputable Estee Lauder and Lancome gives me reactions.  I have only 1 final bullet in mind which is Clarins Double Serum.  Man, all in the name of age-fighting.

That is all, ladies, or is it?

Review : KATE BB Gel Cream

Oh, the money I  waste invest to satisfy my curiousity.

Today I”m gonna be touching on this BB cream from Kate, which in all honesty, was actually not bad!

Kate BB Gel Cream

Kate BB Gel Cream

I swear I must have been in Sasa few times to test all the range of shades, it comes 3 shades, 1 being the lightest.  And it was hard to determine what was right because seriously, this BB cream does look that natural.  More over, it doesn’t have the repulsive ashy beige shade that typical BB creams come in.  And hey, it says Gel cream!  So I was putting all my hopes on this, finally something more suitable for oily face.

So after much of testing, I finally grabbed one in Shade 1, cause I had a week long meeting  in Jan and I just wanted something that doesn’t require my OCD precision of foundation application.

Kate BB Gel Cream - Shade 1

Kate BB Gel Cream – Shade 1

The Experience

In truth, I actually liked it.  It evens out the your skin tone, and brightens up your face, whilst it doesn’t look like you have anything on.  It really achieves a natural look, albeit it got oily within 3-4hrs in an air condition room.  But, the downside is that, I got break outs from it 😦

For that couple of days, I thought it was stress induced but then I am … literally as said, the control group, that the factor of pimple popping is controlled, so the only chance for pimples to occur is when an adverse event occurs.  And in this case, it is this.

Refusing to be judgemental, I gave it a wash out period of 1 week after the meeting.  I used the BB cream again and immediately I got 2 pimples on that day.

The Verdict


–  really natural

–  nice and natural skin brightening effect

– matches your skin tone perfectly even in different shades


– it broke me out, then again it’s just me. but you are welcome to try though!

– slightly on the oily side for the oily skin.

*Edit :  Just in case someone reads japanese.  LOL.

Kate BB Gel Cream - Label

Kate BB Gel Cream – Label