Parcel of Goodies! (Part 2) Review : Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream

Jesus!  If there’s ever a reader out there, I’m totally sorry for the lack of updates.  Traveling, old story retold, has taken a toll on me.  The very lack of time, lack of mental space, and the lack of updates.

For those who still read, *muacks* –  kiss on your forehead.

In a strange way of coincidence, I ONLY opened Cheek Venom today cause damn it, my skin is too glowy for any makeup!  😛  So I thought I’d give this a try, see how pinched cheeks look like.  But for the sake of a sequential review, I should review the Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics – Mineral Eye Cream for this post.  Check out Part 1 here.

First off, a little introduction on the company and the products.  I bought this range of Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics  from MySale.   And boy, did it take long.  In a nutshell, they are from a US company but all ingredients, manufacture are all done in Israel.  So, purest of the pure of the dead sea related benefits.  So, there’s that.

What Are The Claims?

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream

And What Are The Ingredients?

The Ingredients

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Mineral Eye Cream – The Ingredients

I’m not sure what the first sign says, but glob it I wanna pinch the butt out of the bunny.  So there you have it!  The packaging is recyclable, not tested on animals especially cute little bunnies, and it’s PARABEN-FREE.  And I”m guessing that this can last another 18 mths after it’s opened, guessing from the first icon.  Not only that, the listed ingredients look actually ass-kicking.

*2 thumbs up*

The Experience

Alright, as stated on the label it is a light textured cream.  But this should have a class of its own cause it’s been days and I still can’t figure out the right word to describe the texture.  The closest thing I could think of, do you remember when we were kids?  Or… back in the 90s, there’s this jar of white cream with a picture of an ice berg?  That’s supposed to make you skin beautiful or something.

The White (Fluffy) Texture

The White (Fluffy) Texture

The texture is very similiar but lighter than that.  It is spreadable, yet again so easily absorbed.  It leaves NO RESIDUE at all.  None, I swear by God.  Unlike any other cream, or even eye gel, it absorbs so well and there’s no trace of oil, stickiness, or any that you would relate to any eye cream.  For the lack of a better word, it dries even better than a serum!

One way to find out, is I’ve been experimenting with this eyelid tapes of late.  (I totally f-ed it up)  And because of this I haven’t been applying any eye cream/gel/mask to my eyelids, just on the eye bags.  Because if your eyelids are wet/oily, the eyelid tapes won’t stick and when greasy, they become visible.  But amazingly, with this eye cream, it just absorbs so well that allows you to use the eyelid tapes without sliding off.  And the eyelid tapes don’t appear greasy and become visible.

And what more, it comes in such a huge jar!  Like I said, it’s highly spreadable.  So a week into it now it hasn’t even dipped!



The Conclusion

I quite like it.  I think I’ve gone past the point of believing in magical claims so as long as the cream is sturdy, does what it does, keeps my eyes protected, hydrated without funny side effects, it counts as a pass in my book.  Only thing is it’s a HUGE jar, it kinda prevents me from… shopping for more!  What kinda valid complaint is this, sigh… *first world problem*


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