Post Review : Mary Kay Timewise Moisture Renewing Softener

This is a post usage review of Mary Kay Timewise Moisture Renewing Softener, as I am left with approximately 2 days of doses left of the whole bottle.

Honestly, from the moment I learnt about the product, I thought I knew what it was all about, yet I actually kinda didn’t really grasp the purpose or the significance of it throughout almost the whole bottle, until now.

And now, this product has grown on me.  Especially during my dry skin attack episode.  How’s that so?  Lemme explain how something that looks so tame has helped me and I believe, for all skin types too.

Imagine when your face is first washed, it is completely depleted of water or any hydration.  Thus your face is dry as a sheet.  Some cleansers make the skin feel tight, some feel pulled, but all n all, cleansers do strip off hydration and moisture on you face.

So this is how the softener helps.  With a cotton pad saturated with this softener, you pat on all over the face until all absorbed, and there it is!  The softener gives the first and instant boost of hydration!  You can immediately feel your skin less stretched, and moistened (NOTE : NOT MOISTURED).  Your skin feels nicer, softer, less coarse, and I guess the rest goes as claimed by the product profile, it boosts up the absorption of the rest of the products.

Imagine you had been trapped in a desert for days without water and finally rescue came, and before all the hardcore IV-drip or whatever, someone goes, “hey dude, here’s your glass of water”.  That’s how its’ like.  The softener cures the thirst of your face when it’s first stripped off all hydration.  And that’s all, such a simple mode of action, yet it makes so much sense, and helps out your skin so realistically.

And this is an EXTRA TRICK!  Which is shared by my beautician, I mean, that’s totally surprising, right?  You would think the beauticians stand only by their own products.  She told me that she also has a bottle of this softener.  But how she uses it is, she keeps it in a travel size spray bottle, and uses it as a hydration spray mist.  I gotta say, that is so fluffing brilliant!  (Can’t blame me for being gravely impressed with this trick, I’m quite a by-the-product-insertions type of person)

So there’s my post review after finishing a bottle.  I like it.

lookie that, ain't it huge?

lookie that, ain’t it huge?



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