There was the absence, and now I’m back!

Short note on my disappearance in GZ for a week.

Geez I like the weather.  I like where my sis stays.  Surrounded by mountains, paved but bushy.  You can take really nice walks.  It’s a really pet friendly place, the whole country.  Everyone’s an animal lover, as to their method of disciplines to these animals, it’s another story.  Guess us chinese r so used to spanking.

Shopping is generally more expensive than it is in Malaysia.  Just for comparison sake, I went to Bobbi Brown’s counter and asked for their cream eye shadow.  It’d be RM95 in KL, but RMB300 which is RM150 +/- converted.

Google sucks in China but Baidu rocks.  And because it’s Baidu, search results are surprisingly different.  Since China/HK has really good control on consumer awareness.  So on a few occasions when I searched for cosmetics, the results would show HK governing websites breaking down all the listed ingredients on the products, states it’s purpose whether that ingredient is a solvent/emulsifier/etc, and the level of safety of each ingredient.  Where as if you search with Google, you get paid-top-results, which are usually blog n media coverage.

My experience at Sephora is gravely different than I’ve ever been treated in Singapore or KL.  I spent an hour testing on every mascara and the lady just stood next to me and I could get her to fetch me any other product from the other corner of the shop.  Speaking of servitude!  AirAsia could learn some.

Oh, and experienced the most heart breaking episode in GZ.  It hurt and it really did.  Crying would only make the departure sad.  I had to walk away from a vera Wang bag.  :(((

This picture only captures 1/8 of the entire neighborhood.

This is about half of the neighborhood, or 1/3?

A really BIG golden retriever, REALLY BIG.

paws to human palm comparison

in the lady beast’s full glory

Street Fashion. Layered clothing with homogeneous tone, tattoo illusion stockings and awesome shoes. *like*

Very healthy rice, with beans and all kinds of wheats.  That’s what we eat at home.

last but not least, old sour milk yo!

I guess that concludes the journey for now.  More posts coming soon!


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