Month: November 2012

BAD MASK! – Skinfood Bordeaux Mask Sheet

This mask really sucks!

Alright, usually I maintain my demure attitude when it comes to products that I don’t favor too much.  But if you are gonna spoil my face, uh-uh, sorry pal, you’re gonna get a piece of me.

you majorly suck.

First off, when you walk into Skinfood shops, you will see there are many range of sheet masks at different range at different price.  You get some beyond RM10 – RM14++, and you get some that’s <RM10.00.  I presume that should be the no. 1 tell tale signs of product quality, but it’s a tight month and I’m trying my best to control my shopping binge, I opted for the cheaper one, which is this, Skinfood Bordeaux Mask Sheet – RM8.60.

Plus, I’ve seen some supplements with Bordeaux at some pharmacies before, I thought, alright, lets see if red wine is really good for the face.

Well upon opening the pack, the realization came subtly at why I had never been a fan of Skinfood masks, a familiar stranger at that.  And when I put it on my face, the cut-outs for the eyes, nose and lips are so out of proportion I was thinking “wtf, what kinda face do koreans have?”

Nonetheless I found my ways and put it on my face, I set the timer to exactly 30 minutes.  Usual sheet masks require average 20-30mins, well, I wanted to get the most out of it.  It was pretty stingy at first but I thought that was the alcohol (yunno, red wine), but 15min into it I didn’t feel it anymore.

Then came the time for removal, OMG, YUCKS!  It’s so freaking sticky!  The whole face feels like it’s been layered with wax.  I’m sure if i dip my face in hot water the wax would separate and float on the water like when you cook maggie mee.  Both my hands are just wax wax wax.  I kept patting or pressing in gently on my face to get it all absorbed, again and again.  It didn’t lighten up one bit!  And both my hands are still so waxy!  I did that until my hands are warmed up hopefully that would help the absorption but a good 5 min of that exercise didn’t help at all!

I gave up and proceed to apply my serum, and when I was about to apply my night cream and I thought to myself, “sheesh, forget it, like anything’s gonna get absorbed after that layer of fucking kitchen wrap over my face”

And guess what, this morning, I woke up to a shitty face.  Really shitty.  I’ve been on a good run with my face recently and this is by far the worst look I’ve had.  Skin just looks odd, uneven, bumpy, just real shitty, like I never took care of my face, or I’ve been smoking and drinking 7 nights in a row.

Ugh, too bad I have a pretty lousy camera, else I’d show you the morning after results!  There was nothing wrong with my makeup application cause they are just as per usual.  But the makeup appeared so uneven, the flaws stood out more than before, it’s like a freaking bad hair day on the face!

I don’t know about you, you are so welcome to give it a try and tell me otherwise.  But for now, my advice is, you buy it, you burn it.

Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel Review

Jesus, I feel like I owe the world an update. Sorry for the absence! Work is overloading and my brittle bones are umm… still intact.

I have been on a Mary Kay roll these days cause I’m as vulnerable as being made moves on at the counters, as simply leaving a catalogue with me… and oh damn the sleepless nights.

Well what hit my shelf lately is the Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel.

Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel – Rm95.00 – 11gm

With eye problems, I’m constantly on the hunt for eye products.  I have tried many in the market, drug stores to big brands.  Well, I always have a thing for gel formula.  Cream is no doubt really luxurious, but gel is somehow, more calming and refreshing.

So What’s So Special About Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel?

According to Mary Kay’s claims, it calms, cools, and refreshes a tired-looking appearance.  It also increases skin moisturization up to 130%!

Not only that, it’s power packed with benefiting ingredients and all ultimately serve the purpose, to make your eyes better.

See How Light The Texture Is?

Whom Might This Be Suitable For?

  1. Oily Skin – Yes.  Those of us who suffer from oily skin, even suffer from oily eyes!  Cream texture is no doubt really pampering and luxurious, but sometimes, you do get oil seeds building up around your eyes.  One thing about oil seeds?  They do spread, so be careful.
  2. Eye Makeup – Because of it’s non-creamy texture, it won’t cause your eye makeup to run, or smudge.  Rich eye cream is actually a culprit to runny make up, or runny eyeliner.  With gel formula, you won’t get that problem.  Friendly advice, if you are to apply eye cream with rich formula, just apply on your under eyes and that will help with the application of concealers.  So due to these said effects, Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel is exceptionally suitable as a Day Eye-Gel!
  3. Young People Without Much Eye Problems – If you don’t have fine lines/wrinkles to battle with, you don’t need creams.  So this would be just right for you.

One Great Trick!

The best thing about gel formula is that, you can keep this in the fridge!  So upon application after it’s chilled in the fridge, it will literally, take away all the fatigues and puffiness after 1 long haul day.  And that is what I love about it!


While this may not be the Holy Grail of eye products, it certainly serves its few purposes and avoids the issues that rich eye creams can cause.  I have tried Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream (Omg, I could wet my pants recalling how good the product was), and another Double Caviar Eye Cream by Aviance (IT’S SO GOOD I WILL SO HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT!!!).  No doubt I have my love for eye creams but gel formula has it’s place to play.  One thing, I don’t have oil seeds building up around my eyes.  Also, with this Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel, you still can all the nutritions packed benefits, and apply your eye makeup and eyeliner smoothly, specially if you have oily skin.

Swatch : Estee Lauder Double Wear & Double Wear Light Foundation

This is such a late entry!

I had finally gotten the samples on Thursday, and for some reason, I never had much fate with Estee lauder for the many times I lurked around the counter.  Even on the day itself, when finally there was someone present, i had to wait for over 20 minutes for her to be done with the customer she was serving at that time.

Samples : Estee Lauder Double Wear & Double Wear Light Foundation, the colours on the containers do not represent the actual shade, not a see-through sample bottle.

Long story short, it was, I can say, worth the wait.  The counter manager is a gorgeous lady named Angela and why was it worth the wait?  She was so knowledgable, had great skills as a make up artist.  I learnt a lot from her, and I bet it’ll take me some really dedicated practice to ever be at her level.

What Did I learn?

1)  Angela first had first determined my shade and tone with a chart.  By putting a chart of shades from lightest to darkest on your face, you can clearly see which shade you are, or if not, the closest.  So it was determined that I am at Shade 2.  And there’s 3 palettes below the shades that you are, which would then determine if you are Cool/Neutral/Warm.  So with this chart, it accurately pins down to I’m a 2.5, which is Shade 2 – Neutral.  Well actually, I am between Neutral and Warm.

Angela told me to always follow your neck.  It is only natural that the face would always appear warmer than the neck due to sun exposure.  I think this is an important message, most asian girls beat themselves over their face being warmer or in their eyes, “tanned” than the rest of their bodies.  So girls, don’t worry, it’s only natural.

2)  Angela has an amazing technique in applying foundation.  It’s so delicate and the strokes are of precision.  From her I learnt that, in Estee Lauder’s philosophy, your face is like a flower, so you start with the centre of your face, and apply outwards.  The edge, or the the side closest to your hairlines are usually the most perfect spots on your face, where then you apply least of the foundation.  In that way, the coverage appears more 3D, instead of a flat coverage like paint.

3)  Contrary to what I’ve learnt,  Estee Lauder’s philosophy is to apply very light coverage over under eye dark circles.  These areas (under eyes) are also where you apply minimum foundation.  Sounds bizarre, but it works.  You just need to learn very well about their techniques in applying the foundation/concealers.  (You apply very light strokes, sounds simple but she does it so well!)

4)  This is probably the most amazing discovery that I’ve learnt from Angela.  Your blush has to match your lipsticks.  We played around with different blushes and different lipsticks.  Angela just knew by instinct what would be my preferences.  I had a pink blush and a coral blush applied on each side of my cheeks.  When I tried on different lipsticks, it only seemed THAT OBVIOUS how pink tone lipstick would not go with coral blush at all, and vice versa.

Throughout the entire time, I learnt a lot from her.  Unfortunately these are what I can recall at hand, so I strongly urge you to go to your Estee Lauder counter, not just to claim your foundation freebies, but you will come back with a fruitful lesson.

Angela was out of samples with my original shades, so instead she gave me she gave me 2 other samples which are Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – Cool Vanilla, and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation – Beige 01.

Estee Lauder Double Wear – Cool Vanilla

I don’t really know how to say this.  This came off as a correct shade, but somehow it’s too “white” on my face.  It is extremely close to my Shiseido Refining Foundation – O20.  But with this being so cool, you really have to apply your techniques right so it doesn’t overpower.  And this Cool Vanilla, it makes your blush really stand out, like you’re painting on a white canvas.  I kept comparing it with my neck but they match!  I guess if you’ve gotten something cooler than your actual tone, you have to control the amount properly.

It is really long lasting though, I wore it 8 hours into the day and it did not make my face oily even after long hours of wearing it.  It’s a very nice medium coverage.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation in Beige 01

I finally wore this yesterday (because I didn’t go out over the weekends, LOL).  Due to the shade given, it appeared warmer.  But I did not have the necessary tools (foundation brush, sponge etc) to apply it so I had to deal with my fingers.  Neither was my room properly lit but overall, it appeared nice and natural.  I even began to wonder if I should start wearing this as my shade.  Double Wear Light is supposedly the lighter version of Double Wear (duh), and it would be more suited for people who wish for lighter coverage or has oilier face.  However, it was my mistake, I forgot to powder and my face started to feel oily 5hrs +/- after application.

Sorry I could not get a real swatch on my face, as the lightings lately (with the rain and all that) have been bad, it would serve no purpose as my camera won’t be able to capture the difference.

Conclusion :

Again, thanks for the beautiful tips from Ms. Angela.  I am actually secretly falling in love with this foundation.  And what more to say, I am so hungrily eyeing at it’s Matte Perfecting Primer.  It just has such a nice smooth touch to prep your foundation next.  I also can’t wait to get their Translucent Powder. (See?  It’s that easy to get me to be your customer.)  Estee Lauder also has a makeup base which has corrective elements (purple colour), it appeared too white-ish on me as I generally do not have problematic skin, but for those who are bothered with acnes and blemishes, this would provide good base coverage.  

I guess what’s the most valuable lesson I’ve learnt is that I’m of neutral-warm tone, and match your blush with your lipstick.  It was indeed, something that was never taught to me.

I strongly urge your to get to your Estee Lauder counter to gain all these fantastic knowledge, and claim your samples before it expires.  If not, go on and check out Estee Lauder’s techniques and philosophies on their site.

Thank you, that is all.

What Is A Corrector?

This post actually deserves a special dedication to corrector from Bobbi Brown.  It is a product that I will never change so long I remain Asian skinned, unless there’s a miracle procedure to remove my dark circles, or by The Lord’s kind doing I can robotically sleep at 11pm and wake up at 7am.

But more often than not, that’s not the case.  I.DON’T.SLEEP.

Majority of us are more familiar with the concept and the product of concealers.  The name is self-explanatory.  A Concealer conceals imperfections, dark eye circles, redness, scars, pigmentations etc.  And so very often, you go to a counter and you ask the SA, “what shade of concealer should I get?”   They will, 9 out of 10 times tell you to get the shade same as your foundation.  So then, how does corrector come in?

What Is A Corrector?

It is a product that you apply before you layer on your concealer.  In cases of very bad under eye dark circles, which you will see mine as you read on, corrector is THE HOLY GRAIL for us victims.

Bobbi Brown Corrector

What Does A Corrector Do?

Since I can’t draw a chart here, I’ll try this analogy instead.  Say, in the scale of your under eye dark circles, 1 being glorious light in pureness n 10 being darkness of evil.  I am somewhere at 8 (my dark circles) and say, my face is at 2 in lightness.  I apply my foundation and my foundation evens it out, which brings it down to 6.  HOWEVER, if I had skipped my corrector and gone straight to a concealer of the same shade, it wouldn’t lighten the dark circles at all, maybe a little, n reduces the darkness by 0.5 at max.

But with a CORRECTOR, it CLOSES THE GAP between the shade of your dark circles to your facial skin tone.  Saying it brightens is an over statement, I’m talking about facts here.  The word “neutralize” is a different mode of action altogether.  Corrector just… CORRECTS.   So with a corrector, you apply it until deemed appropriate, and then you layer on your concealer.  And THEN, by closing the gap of your dark circles shade to your facial or foundation shade by using a corrector, the concealer would then appear as the same shade of your foundation, thus, an even skin tone, the ultimate goal achieved.

Bobbi Brown Corrector – Light Bisque

I shall now bare all my flaws for your enlightenment.  Lo’ and behold.

This is how bad my eye bags and my dark circles are. In full glory, and in your face.

Here you can see the visible results of applying a corrector. I had not used any foundation for the purpose of showing the drastic difference of with and without.

Do I Need A Corrector?

It depends on your eye bags and your dark circles.  Refer to the pics above, you can clearly see my eye bags are bigger than my eyes itself, and yes, my dark circles are really bad and it goes as far down as my eye bags.  If your dark circles/eye bags are half or less of my severity, then you wouldn’t need a corrector as much as I do, cause it’s less visible for you, it’s much easier to conceal.  If your rests aren’t as challenged as mine, just a concealer would do.

Personal Preference :

I’ve been using Bobbi Brown’s corrector since 2010 and I would not have it any other way.  It is a product that as much as a shopaholic that I am, I would look no further.  It matches its claims, it performs, it delivers it’s functionality.  It HAS HELPED me.  I would switch mascaras, I would switch foundations but I wouldn’t explore other options in this regard.

But if you do own a corrector, or intend to explore options by other brands, please share with me!

That is all.

On The Topic of Makeup Removal

Heyo, I know Halloween is over by now, and it’s no hard feat to find your ways to make yourselves into scary ghouls.  Plenty of videos out there to show you the path of transformation to a zombie bride, glittering vampires, but have you seriously thought about the aftermath?  Ladies and gentlemen, it is mighty important that you strip off every trace of that makeup.  I know, you are lazy to remove it, washing face suffices.  But listen up and read on, this is your conscience speaking (in your mother’s tone).

I often talk to ladies about skincare, and I immensely enjoy the conversations when both have in depth knowledge about skincare and cosmetics.  But it always, DISAPPOINTS me when even for those who are so passionate about makeup, take makeup removing so lightly.  Yes, I get disappointed, really, the knowledge of your carelessness is that harsh on me.

Whether it’s on a normal day with or without makeup, you come home all tired (or drunk), please, seriously, deploy the step of makeup removal.

Why is makeup removal so important?

The revolution of skincare has begun from the basic 3 steps (cleanse-toner-moisturise) to crucial 4 steps (makeup removal-cleanse-toner-moisturise).  It is a MUST even if you hadn’t worn any makeup on your day out.  Reason being, it serves as a dirt/dust/makeup removal, and you shouldn’t rely on your cleansers to do that for you.  You MUST physically remove the dirt/makeup before you proceed on with cleansing.  If you skip this mighty important step, you would actually be rubbing the dirt/makeup into your pores when you’re washing your face.  And if that’s your constant habit, your face is in deep trouble.  Your pores would be clogged, nothing you apply herein onwards would be as well absorbed as it should be, hence, time x money x effort = waste, and then the dull face the dead skin cells and all the horror stories in facial halloween would come to life.

What are the makeup remover agents?

Cleansing Milk

This is so far my method all this while.  The common method is to pump that cleansing milk onto a cotton pad and start wiping makeup off your face.  And listen to me young ladies or i’ll pull your ears, you do this until nothing shows on the cotton pad no matter how many it takes.  I would even use up to 3 cotton pads on a day w/o makeup!  Yup, I’m industrious that way, deal w’ it futhamuckas.  Plus with cleansing milk, it’s the most gentle method and most suitable to sensitive skin.

What am I using, and have tried?

Bodyshop Seaweed Purifying Cleansing Milk – This is probably the strongest cleansing milk I’ve ever used.  I keep telling myself to stop purchasing this product but one way or another, when I run out whilst traveling, I go back to Bodyshop (member card discount).  You can go on with 4-5 cotton pads and you still find traces of dirt on the cotton pads.  Serves the purpose but quite irritant, it stings your face and leaves the sensitive spots reddish.

Bio-Essence Deep Cleansing Milk  with ATP – Good for the money.  Gentle on the skin.  Viscosity is on the thicker end like most of their products.  Doesn’t remove dirt as well as Bodyshop one, but a bottle does go a long way.

L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Gentle Cleansing Milk – It passes.  Serves the purpose, removes satisfactorily well.  Just don’t really like the oily layer it leaves on the skin after, and I don’t like Loreal (personal grudge, lol).

Eucerin Gentle Cleansing Milk – Meant for sensitive skin.  Price is higher than Bio-essence or Loreal.  It cleanses quite well as I remember, but again it leaves a slight sting after.

Lancome Galatee Confort Cleansing Milk – Of course it’s good.  Gentle, and it cleanses well, viscosity is fluid, no sting after.  But then, unless you have the money, you can do the review for me.

Makeup Remover Wipes

I have never trusted this method but I guess for some it works.  You probably have to do your own research in finding a trusted brand that doesn’t break you out.  I can no longer tell the difference between wet tissues/baby wipes/feminine wipes/makeup remover pads etc, (like, if i can use baby wipes in the bathroom, can I bring out feminine wipes at dinners?)  Just make sure it is fragrance free, it doesn’t break you out and it SERVES the purpose, getting that seed of evil like holy water!

Cleansing Water

I have just found out about this recently!  I’m telling you, I’m liking it.  But this is still a shortcut method.  This is what the counter girls would use on you before they demo any product on you.  This cleansing water is what they use to cleanse your face.  It can remove   eye/lips/face makeup.

Cleansing Water originated from fashion runway show in Paris where models have to change their makeups oh so many times in a show.  This was then invented as the most effective, safest, and gentlest to sensitive skin and for all skin types.  Eventually most brands adapted this product and you can find this in many lines.

It has a nice upward pump, you put a cotton pad on it and press it down.

Legend has it Bioderma was the inventor of cleansing water. I got this small bottle Bioderma Sebium, which is for oily/acne skin.

Although this is a quick way (lazy way) of removing makeup, I was told this doesn’t fully count as makeup removal.  Its cleansing ability still does not match those of cleansing milk or cleansing oil.  This brings me to the next topic.

Cleansing Oil

From what I’m told, this is actually the most effective cleansing method.  Cause only oil can get into every pore and dissolves all dirt/makeup and successfully, brings it out of your pores.  This is also an one-for-all method to remove makeup from lips/eyes/face.  So if you slather on paint (heavy makeup) on a night out, take 1-2 pumps out in your hands and just rub all over your face, you will see pretty soon the makeup is dissolved.  Just make sure you splash on enough water to remove all the oil (thus effectively carry away the unwanted particles), then you proceed with facial cleanser.

Last but not least, is lips makeup removal necessary?

Yes, it is.  Even though we usually have eaten away our lipsticks/lip balms and they seem to have disappeared, you still have to wipe your lips at your makeup removal regime.  Unseen by human eyes but they could be hiding in the crease on your lips, especially with the formula these days, everything’s either long-wear or long lasting.  If that’s not done properly, your lips will darken overtime.

There are many other organic methods such as using olive oil (extra virgin.. no?) as effective and probably healthier replacements.  Go on and explore what suits best for you.

Do share what’s your favorite product or what’s your usual regime!

KAWAII OF THE MONTH! – FREEPLUS Skin Care Powder Wash (Oil Control)

I’m grateful my sister is such a shopper, I can try many things I wouldn’t usually buy.  And we both have similiar skin types, so that works out!  *2 thumbs*

FREEPLUS SKINCARE Powder Wash – Oil Control

Check out this cutie, will ya?  Can it get any cuter????  I’m all bubbly inside!


The facial wash comes in what’s the word for miniature containers?  Oh, smurfy containers!  And it’s not in liquid form, it’s in powder form!  So adorably gimmicky.  LOL.

The first time I opened it I mistakenly dished out the whole content of powder which proved to be… too much.  It was enough to lather over the whole upper part of my body (size may vary, heh).  A small, smurfy container like this can go up to 2-3 wash.

Power Packed Powder. Triple P, hah.

1/4 of content in my hand.

mixed with water and lather, the other 1/2 of foam is on the hand holding the cam.


Other than being all kawaii and being really gentle (the foam dies off rather quickly than liquid cleanser), what else is it good for?  Hmm…


  1. it is definitely useful when you’re boarding international flights.  That’s the biggest advantage.  If you find yourself on multiple long hours connecting flights, this would definitely prove useful.  You just have to explain really carefully to the securities what those powders are… just don’t… snort it.
  2. Although it’s for oil control, it’s creamy and less harsh than liquid cleansers.  You can add water anytime if you find the foam lessening.  So gentle I feel like I can wash my eyes with it.  (disclaimer : my feelings are not always accurate)
  3. It can be a good spare that you chuck on the shelf.  Unless you have some form of obsession with being totally kawaii, I doubt this would totally replace your usual regime of conventional liquid cleanser.  So it’s a good spare you keep around for situations you find that liquid cleansers just aren’t available.


That concludes for now, ladies.


oh, Freeplus is a subline of Kanebo.  Just not in Malaysia.

There was the absence, and now I’m back!

Short note on my disappearance in GZ for a week.

Geez I like the weather.  I like where my sis stays.  Surrounded by mountains, paved but bushy.  You can take really nice walks.  It’s a really pet friendly place, the whole country.  Everyone’s an animal lover, as to their method of disciplines to these animals, it’s another story.  Guess us chinese r so used to spanking.

Shopping is generally more expensive than it is in Malaysia.  Just for comparison sake, I went to Bobbi Brown’s counter and asked for their cream eye shadow.  It’d be RM95 in KL, but RMB300 which is RM150 +/- converted.

Google sucks in China but Baidu rocks.  And because it’s Baidu, search results are surprisingly different.  Since China/HK has really good control on consumer awareness.  So on a few occasions when I searched for cosmetics, the results would show HK governing websites breaking down all the listed ingredients on the products, states it’s purpose whether that ingredient is a solvent/emulsifier/etc, and the level of safety of each ingredient.  Where as if you search with Google, you get paid-top-results, which are usually blog n media coverage.

My experience at Sephora is gravely different than I’ve ever been treated in Singapore or KL.  I spent an hour testing on every mascara and the lady just stood next to me and I could get her to fetch me any other product from the other corner of the shop.  Speaking of servitude!  AirAsia could learn some.

Oh, and experienced the most heart breaking episode in GZ.  It hurt and it really did.  Crying would only make the departure sad.  I had to walk away from a vera Wang bag.  :(((

This picture only captures 1/8 of the entire neighborhood.

This is about half of the neighborhood, or 1/3?

A really BIG golden retriever, REALLY BIG.

paws to human palm comparison

in the lady beast’s full glory

Street Fashion. Layered clothing with homogeneous tone, tattoo illusion stockings and awesome shoes. *like*

Very healthy rice, with beans and all kinds of wheats.  That’s what we eat at home.

last but not least, old sour milk yo!

I guess that concludes the journey for now.  More posts coming soon!